5 Of The Best Yoga Apps for Android Users

There are lots of Yoga apps available online. These apps help you to provide yoga steps online. You do not need to go anywhere. You can learn yoga asanas from your house itself.

For this purpose, you just need a yoga mat, a towel and a couple of blocks. One more thing that you will need is your phone. On a phone, these yoga apps will guide you for doing the steps.

There are lots of apps available online. However, we have searched some best Yoga Apps from the Play Store for you. Letís check out the list and find out which app is best for you.

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Before We Get Started

I am a personality who has also practiced yoga on not a regular basis. In the beginning, I have joined Yoga classes at a local Hindu temple that was nearby to my house.

yoga for peace of mind

It’s not convenient for me to go on a regular basis for Yoga classes. So, after that I have taken the help of videos and articles that guided my practice.

We cannot compare Yoga classes from any app. That is because; in Yoga classes there is an instructor who instructs you for every step. They provide you perform each stretch properly with immediate feedback. Most importantly, they take care of that you do not hurt yourself. You can get general health advice online also, but it is hard to understand.

Videos help you to practice at a time that suits you. Moreover, these video offers you the facility of doing Yoga from home itself. So, if you do not have time to drag yourself to class, you can at least practice Yoga at home.

Ultimately, spending some time to tune up your body and mind is better than none. Here we are providing you information of some Best Yoga Apps. These Yoga Apps will surely help you.

The lists of Best Yoga Apps are as follow:

1) Pocket Yoga†- $2.99

Pocket Yoga is an app, i.e., travel friendly yoga buddy. That is why you do not need to carry the burden of your WiFi or cellular connection for downloading video. This app guides you through using still images of various poses of each pose. There are only three sessions. However, in each session there are various selection techniques.

The shortcomings of Pocket Yoga are that it lacks detailed instruction. That is why it is not an app that I will recommend to someone who is going to learn yoga for the first time. Through only pictures and without any prior knowledge it becomes harder to know how to sink into a pose. Moreover, you are perhaps not able to apply pressure in the right places too.

However, for experienced one, Pocket Yoga does a good job. They just need to keep their eyes off the screen by watching each step and as per instruction they have to do inhale and exhale. By this, your focus will remain on what you are doing, not on what you are watching.

This app will cost you $3 to download. This is the only money that you need to spend. All of the steps are available right from the start. In the starting, you can begin practicing indoors. However, you need to unlock the option to extend yourself at the beach or in the mountains. By using the app, you can do this on your own. However, to avoid the wait you need to purchase.

2) Yoga.com†- FREE

The Yoga.com app serves as a buddy to you. You can access the siteís content on your Android device in a simply manner.

In this app every program announces the name of a pose, shows a video demonstration and then offers audio instructions so that you will able to maintain the stretch. This presentation may give you a feeling of awkwardness, specifically when you are not staying in any one of the position for long.

However, there is an option of toggle these various aspects on and off as per your desire. You can also save these programs to use in offline mode. However, after you have done a few, you will need to pay for getting the full experience.
This app contains a database of approximately 300 different poses. Each and every pose comes with a description that will instruct you on how to get into position. There is a diagram also that will help you show how much your muscles are supposed to bend. There is a video demonstration. This video presentation offers you a go-to tool app. That is because you can see how a real person gets into the poses.

3) Ekhart Yoga – FREE

These days you can find some good yoga videos on YouTube. Ekhart Yoga is also one of them. It is a new Android app that provides you the full catalog access. On demand, you can stream videos or can save them for offline for further use.
In a few time, you will almost certainly be able to come across to do yoga on a regular basis throughout the month or week.

For Ekhart Yoga, you need to pay just $12.50 a month or $120 a year. It is a costly as compared to the other options, but if you compare it attending a class in person, then you will find that it is reasonable. The instructors not only demonstrate you each pose, but also they guide you about how your body should feel and how to do each and every pose. This is nearly as close as to attending class.

4) Yoga Timer – FREE

If you are a one who already knows about yoga and the poses. You are not needed any app to guide you for any posture. You know where you need to inhale and exhale and how body stretch is required in which part of your body. Then this app is beneficiary for you. Yoga Timer is a tool that will offer you the facility of telling that how much time have to spend in each position.

It works like a glorified alarm clock. It is very easy to configure. It gives you a facility of storing multiple routines in one place.

Yoga Timer is ad-supported. However, it will not start showing them after a 7-day period. After that, you need to pay $1.49 to remove them.

5) Yoga Meditation Music†- FREE†

Yoga mainly associated with stretching; still physical activity is just a part of practice. The most important thing is what goes on in your mind. Unluckily, it is hard to get in the right mental space. As there are lots of distraction around us all the way through the household.

Yoga Meditation Music is an app that offers you the facility of bringing your mind into a concentration level. There is a different kind of background ambience that helps you to bring your mind where it needs to be.

For concentrating yourself through music do you need a dedicated app that have background music? No, not at all. You can just buy an album. This app will surely be able to save you some effort. However, you can get an enormous number of tracks on the internet for free.

Be Mindful: Smartphones Are†like Damocles’ sword over your head

It is true that surely Smartphones and yoga are not an obvious match. These devices represent as antonyms. Where Yoga needs concentration entirely, the smartphone is a symbol distraction. Is not it true? Through this combination, we are going to keep ourself in a constant state of concerned alert. Yoga will force us to slow down and to focus on our body posture at the present moment while Smartphone will distract our mind through notifications.

However, if you want to practice yoga on a regular basis, and you do not have proper time for joining a yoga class, then these Yoga Apps are beneficiary for you. It is essential to practice yoga on a regular basis. Moreover, if you need to concentrate on smartphone Yoga App, then you need just to turn off the notifications. If only for a few moments.

It may be difficult for you to stop yourself from thinking about notifications, but to remain fit and healthy you need to sacrifice your few minutes without thinking about notifications.

These 5 apps are the Best Yoga Apps. You should them once. If you do not have a time for yoga classes then these apps will surely help you to do yoga on regular basis. They will assist you to become healthy by practicing yoga.