Best Software Development Tools To Use In 2020

Young Woman Working in Software Development Studio

How to be more productive while building your software? This question is hot among developers all around the world. Nowadays we developers want to build software as soon as possible as our client cannot wait for it, at the same time build it without compromising its quality.

We will answer exactly this in this blog post. If you are a full-stack web developer, the list that you are about to read in this blog post can be helpful for you at any point in the software development process.

However, if you are an entrepreneur with a product idea in mind, these tools can give you a birds-eye view of the best tools that are used in the software development industry.

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Although there are plenty of tools that are available now to improve our ability to write high-quality pieces of code, Ill list down some of my favorite tools that I found useful. So, lets jump into the best software development tools to use in 2020.

Best Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

1.   Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is by far the best IDE for pretty much almost anything you can customize it the way you want it! The good thing about VS code is that it supports loads of plugins for pretty much every language that you can find.

VS Code is mainly used by developers for writing front end code. However,  VS code is equally awesome to work with other programming languages such as python, PHP, Java, Node.js, C++, Go, and much more. When it comes to front end development, Visual Studio is the IDE that I recommend.

One of the cool plugins that VS code offers you is the live share plugin which allows you to collaborate with other developers in realtime. Working in real-time with other developers allows you to better debug your code as they can contribute live.


  • Easy to learn
  • Has loads of useful plugins
  • Supports many programming languages
  • Agile and lightweight
  • Faster debugging when compared to other IDEs

2.   Eclipse

Eclipse is an open-source development environment that supports multiple programming languages. However, it is widely used among Java developers. A variety of useful tools and plugins can be integrated into Eclipse, including modeling tools, graphical user interface builders, testing & reporting tools, and more. Moreover, you can find and install cool plugins from the IDE itself.


  • Open source and easy to use
  • Integrates with most of the tools
  • Build your own plug-ins using the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE),
  • Best suited for Java

3.   IntelliJ

Intellij is pretty much the best IDE for java development. IntelliJ IDEA is robust, has rich plugins, and is widely accepted among java developers. IntelliJ provides two versions, viz community edition that is free, and ultimate edition that provides database plugins. Since IntelliJ is the product of Jetbrains, theyve got lots of other useful IDEs such as GoLand(an IDE for Go programming language), Android Studio(the best IDE for building android apps), Pycharm(IDE for python), datgrip(used for database development).


  • Highly Robust
  • Vast plugin support and code completion tools
  • Great refactoring tools
  • Plugin stability

Best Version Control Tools

1.   GitHub

GitHub is one of the most used and one of the best source control and software development platforms. The cool thing about GitHub is that you can use it as a repository similar to that of cloud storage to store your code. Apart from storing code, you can retrieve code from other private repositories. GitHub also gives developers the added advantage of making code private or public.


  • Open Source
  • User Friendly
  • Highly Efficient
  • Easy Collaboration

2.   GitLab

GitLab is an all-in-one DevOps tool specifically geared towards modern product development. GitLab has got all the tools that are essential during the entire stage of the software lifecycle such as source code control, code completion tools, code review, monitoring tools, code integration, etc. This greatly minimizes software development costs and time to market at the same time increasing developer productivity.

Best Productivity Tools

1.   Slack

Slack is the best enterprise collaboration software that you can currently find. This enterprise messaging software has revolutionized the software product development industry. Slack keeps everyone involved in the project on the same page. Slack won the heart of millions of developers all around the globe due to its impressive features such as its integration with literally any kind of development tool that you can possibly imagine. Some of its cool features include automated messaging( slack will send messages automatically on completion of your work progress). Other than these slack also delivers a chat functionality where you can directly speak to your coworkers or members within your project team.

2.   Jira

For agile development, Jira is the best tool that you can get your hands into. This productivity tool enables you to efficiently track, plan, and manage all the tasks that are involved in your product lifecycle. Other features of Jira include collaboration, progress reports, data visualization, workflow customization, and backlog management.

3.   Confluence

When it comes to product documentation, no other tool can beat the nimbleness and features that confluence deliver to its users. Confluence provides various features that can help you in any areas that are involved in the document development life cycle.

4.   Trello

If you are on the lookout for kanban based project management tools, Trello is a handy option that you can consider. As it uses Kanban methodology to visualize project progress, users can customize cards according to their project. These cards can be dragged and dropped, assigned to other teammates within the project, inserted with any kind of attachments, integrated with other applications, etc. Virtually you can do anything you want with these cards.

Hope you guys have got a clear picture about the best software development tools to use in 2020 for writing high-quality pieces of code.