10+ Best Music Apps for iPhone to Download Now

Are you a music lover, do you love listening music? Moreover, most importantly, do you have an iPhone? If yes, then we have some apps that can change the way you go about listening to music.

In this post, you will find more than ten apps to entertain you with music on your iPhone.

I have used many apps in the past for particularly music, and I have picked some of the best music apps for iPhone that will give you immense pleasure and joy while listening to music.

Many of these apps give you tons of options to browse albums, types of music, label and search for composers and many such options. You can also discover new music depending upon your listening habits. I recommend you to try out two to three apps from this list, and I am sure you will love them forever.

So, don’t wait anymore and download the best music apps for your iPhone.

MixRadio – Free

It is a free music app. It is stuck for inspiration, but you will not able to find radio plays that you want in it. MixRadio offers you the facility to enter your favorite genres and artists and then it will play a custom mix or only a single music from the online playlists. For offline listening purpose, you can also download the playlists. Moreover, the best part of this app is, it is totally free.

Discovr – $4.99

This music app will cost you £3.99. This is the only app that is the paid one on this list. Still Discovr is a favorite app among the music fans.

discover new music, play songs, listen to mp3s

It is a smooth discovery engine that will help you to find similar artists with a neat “bubble” system. You can open the profiles of the artist through some services, you can read reviews, or listen to preview tracks too.

8tracks – Free

It is a free music app. It has a track list. These track lists are put together by users itself rather than algorithms, i.e. preferable for some people. You can select a list as per the occasion and then start playing. However, you cannot skip by too many tracks, as they have limited to three per hour.

Genius – Free

Genius is also a free music app. Genius was known as Rap Genius before rebranding. It has the best depository lyrics on the internet. In Genius, there are millions of lyrics to of songs available that are annotated by users. Moreover, the best contributions are up voted to appear it in front of you.

Hype Machine – $3.99

Hype Machine is a paid music app service. It will cost you £2.99. If you are searching for a new music, then it is a right place for you.

Hype Machine

Hype Machine provides you the service of new songs in which many are from the top music blogs. It also includes lots of remixes of high quality and covers. It will help you to customize your feeds and to show them in the most popular tracks.

Songkick Concerts

Songkick Concerts is a free music app. Songkick helps you to scan the music libraries and to create an idea of the artists you want to see. You need to put your location and then it will alert you whenever artists announce their new gigs and when the tickets will go on sale. It will also include links and prices from different sellers.


Vevo is also a free music app. Approximate all the music videos that you see on YouTube come from Vevo. Then it is better to go directly to the source itself. If we talk about recommending and showing you music videos, Vevo has playlists and also the original content that will aim to promote undiscovered acts.


SongPop is also offering its service for free. You can fancy yourself through the music of king or queen. This app offers you to take in the world of strangers as well as of friends to watch how fast you can identify the famous songs.

TuneIn Radio

Tunein Radio is a free app. However, for Pro version you need to pay £7.99. It is the most comprehensive radio app i.e. available on the internet. You can stream with more than 100,000 radio stations around the world through TuneIn. Its paid Pro version provides you the facility of downloading the shows and also offers you the access to additional channels, and also you can remove ads.


Shazam is also a free music app. With Shazam, you have no need to wonder about what a song is again. You can just open it up and can tap the big blue button to see its display to know what is playing. In recent years, Shazam has also added some social networking features.


SoundCloud is also available for free. SoundCloud is not only audio hosting service but also now a days it has become a key portal for people who are discovering new music online. In this app you can follow many significant artists who put early demos on this service. You can also see popular songs in it.

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