10 Best Educational Software For Kids

reading blaster

Technology has certainly helped every age group especially Children. From so many software, apps that claim to be educational, today we will list some of the best ones here.

It is not new to teach kids with software and video games, many Schools already do it successfully. With the new range of mobile devices like Tablets, Gaming Consoles kids can learn at home as well.

So, we decided why not list all the best educational software as a cool gift ideas for kids. Check these out.

1. ClickN’ READ Phonics

ClickN' READ Phonics

2. Pixie


3. TNT Reading

TNT Reading

4. Jumpstart


5. Be Smart Kids

Be Smart Kids

6. Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit

7. Reading Blaster

reading blaster

8. Cluefinders Math Adventures

Cluefinders Math Adventures

9. Read, Write & Type! Learning System

Read, Write & Type! Learning System

10. Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Website