3 Best Affiliate Management Software 2020


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Affiliate Software

Affiliate software helps in automation of the onboarding, contracting, reporting, tracking of activities, and payments to affiliates in the program. Affiliate marketing and tracking software offers a more comfortable and better efficiency in creating, managing, and scaling its affiliate program.

Advantages of Affiliate Software

Reduces payables workload: Affiliate software helps in the customization of mass payouts and accounts payable to suppliers, partners, affiliates, and publishers.

Provides campaign management: Affiliate software tracks manages and offers easy accessibility to campaigns from one convenient centralized location.

Offers customized reporting and analytics: Affiliate software provides the ability to customize reporting and analytics to make better business decisions and increases the return on investment of the referral program.

Provides promotional tools: Affiliate software offers promotional tools like banners, links, and media to share & effect engagement.

Features of Affiliate Software

Affiliate campaign management: Managing affiliate campaigns encircles setting up campaigns, managing them, tracking the performance and customizing flexible commission plans for various campaigns.

Analytics and reporting: Analyze statistical data in real-time to evaluate campaigns feedback and performance. It also helps in adjust accordingly to drive profits.

Customization of affiliate programs: Customize landing pages, sign-up forms, logos, templates, and more, and make each affiliate marketing program stand out for your affiliates.

Promotional tools for affiliates: It helps in promoting the programs by selecting various devices to be customized, like affiliate links and landing pages.

Pricing of Affiliate Software

The products available in the market are priced every month and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. The premium product is rated higher may offer some unique features, like customer segmentation or knowledge base.

Considerations while buying Affiliate Software

Ease of customized integration: Consider the software can easily integrate with the existing technology stack and existing commission structure. It’s a critical consideration to choose an end-to-end software that delivers functionality that fits the specific needs.

Customization: Having the ability to own, brand and customize varied affiliate programs is the basis to provide a personalized experience as it offers the user to build strong relationships with partners and affiliates. A useful affiliate marketing and tracking software will provide a pool of customizable integration on the platform.

Real-time reporting capabilities: Ensure that the reporting capabilities of the software are designed for the affiliate marketing requirements. Having best reporting like total conversions, conversion amount and commission amount, on every level of the program will empower the user to optimize performance to drive the affiliate program efficiently and effectively.

Protection and security: Having a reliable, secure, and measurable platform offers a solid foundation for every prestigious affiliate program. The user would need to consider requirements like security audits, backup technology and maintenance and a vendor that is committed to ongoing GDPR efforts and additional security regulations.

Affiliate Software Trends

The emergence of AI tools: There is an increasing range of AI tools available for affiliate advertisers focused on automating essential functions and running programmatic criteria, like A/B testing and optimization with measurement and analytics tool. 

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