Adobe Premiere Elements Review


Adobe Premiere Elements15 is already a favorite of video makers. This version has integrated 4k Ultra HD video support and new effects like color pop and motion titles. The options of export, audio editing and speed slowdown/up effects are also enhanced. And its one of thebest video editing software in our listing. It has constantly ranked well for years now.

Compatibility and Price

Its compatible with Windows, Mac and priced at $99.99 if you buy it as a standalone app, and $149.99 if you club Photoshop with it. Right now Premiere Elements 15 is not a part of creative cloud. For people who are upgrading previous version will have to pay $119.99 (with Photoshop) and $79.99 (standalone). For new buyers, there is a 30-day fully-featured free trial that will be producing videos with a watermark.

Your machine needs to have at least 2GB of RAM and recommended multicore CPU. The disk space required is 5 GB, the installation is whopping 3.5 GB and hence you may require a decent internet speed to pull that off.

Design and Interface

With almost similar interface as before this new Premiere elements have a standard timeline across the bottom with content panels and preview at the top.

The content panel has a collapse option which comes in handy when you want a bigger view of video window. The main four modes in tabs are eLive, Quick, Guided and Expert. In eLive you have product news, tutorials and ideas for polishingyour video editing skills.

The best thing about Adobe Premiere is that now it can handle 4k content, it means you can use those video footage from GoPro Hero 4 and iPhone 6S. Still 3D video clips support is missing, which can be seen with competetiors from a long time back.

So, did you find anything that appeals to you? Do let us know about the video editing features you have used in the past and how does they compare to Adobe Premiere.

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