What Is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for a simple website with a few webpages can be a challenge for some. If the same has to be applied for one with thousands of pages, it certainly would be a much bigger challenge. Such a website is known as an enterprise website.

An e-commerce website is an example of an enterprise website. Such websites cannot be treated in a manner similar to normal websites, and hence its SEO requirements are also different. They need more than SEO; they need enterprise SEO.

What Needs Special Attention in Enterprise SEO?

The standing of a company can be impacted by various events overnight. The marketing activity of a competition, breaking news, a merger, an acquisition can all have a severe impact, positive or negative.

The size of the website and the sheer expansiveness demands attention to detail to keep the SEO campaign effective. An SEO company in India must be well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise to take on this challenge and get its client to the top. It must also keep it right there through continuous and consistent efforts.

The Role of Enterprise SEO

For SEO to be successful for an enterprise website, it must succeed in outshining the competition and be ahead in the SERPs in all categories that it represents. A failed SEO can be damaging for the brand, its reputation, and its financial standing.

  • Every Small Change Matters – The SEO agency has to assess the impact a small change in one page could have on the many others that are linked to it.
  • Requires an Immense Amount of Co-Ordination – Also, it must balance with the various departments before final approval. Given the high volumes and shortage of time, it has to be perfectly coordinated.
  • The Challenge Is Real – The competition is equally well-equipped with high-level SEO strategies and poses a definite threat.

How Is Enterprise SEO Different?

SEO applied at this scale is far more complicated and requires additional amounts of planning and persistence.

  • Automation Is a Necessity – Since the work involved increases exponentially, automation becomes a must to coordinate the different aspects of SEO.
  • Multiple Locations – Local SEO needs to be pumped up for multiple locations as the network of branches must be given its due.
  • Include Subdomains – Each business or sector represented by the enterprise must be addressed through its individual subdomain for better management.
  • Manage the Company’s Standing – The reputation of the enterprise is always at stake, and constant efforts need to be put in to avoid any negative impact. The SERPs must show accurate results and avoid any negative and false publicity.

For enterprise SEO to be effective, one must be a part of the bigger game. When there is a lot at stake, SEO can have a great impact. If done right, it can raise the brand to the heights of domination in all the respective segments it is present in. If not, they run a risk of affecting their name, fame, and profits. It is not easy for an enterprise to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of Google and other search engines, and if you can, you have aced it.