How Can SEO Help Your Plumbing Business?

seo in plumbing business

The plumbing business is hugely competitive. Most people search for plumbing services on the Internet when they need it. If your website is not in the top search result, your business does not exist. SEO is essential to appear in the top search results for plumbing-related keywords. Heres how SEO, and more specifically a local SEO company, can help your business.

Online Business Listings

Today all search engines offer business listings or local business listings. Business listings have a significant effect on SEO. The primary goal of SEO for plumbers is increasing visibility for the plumbing business. Business listings also help increase online visibility and draw customers.

If your business does not have business listings, you are losing traffic to your competitors. When people search for local businesses, search engines show local listings in search results. If you still doubt the importance of local SEO, here are some vital stats for you.

  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses on the Internet.
  • 40% of all mobile searches are for local businesses.
  • 50% of mobile searches for local businesses are followed by a phone call, a visit, or another type of contact.

There are a few things you can do to get more plumbing leads using SEO:

1. Use keyword-rich titles and descriptions.

2. Use keyword-rich content.

3. Optimize your website for local search.

Google My Business listing is free. The business owner doesn’t have to pay Google to create Google My Business listing.

Free Traffic

Organic SEO can get your website on top of plumbing-related keywords. Top rankings in search results mean more traffic to your site. Free visitors and conversions are one of the most significant advantages of SEO for plumbers.

Faster Results

There are many ways to advertise or promote your business locally. In a local SEO campaign, the competition is less. You are only competing with local companies with an online presence. This means it will be easy for you to move higher in local search engine rankings.

In some cases, the right SEO agency can get your business first-page visibility in 30 days. It means when people search for a plumber, they will see your business information.

Increases Inbound Traffic

A website with no visitors serves no purpose. Many businesses use cold-calling and paid advertisements to generate leads. However, these marketing efforts offer low-returns on investment.

SEO targets customers that are looking for plumbers. It saves money on outbound marketing. Also, SEO provides better quality of leads than other methods.

Gives Your Business Credibility

People search online to reach the best. They give high credibility to businesses that appear on top of SERP. Most people will not go beyond the 2nd page of search engine results. Hence, low-ranking websites are never discovered by prospective customers. Thus, SEO plays an essential role in giving credibility to your business.

Delivers Lasting Results

Unlike billboard campaigns that deliver short-term results, SEO provides long-term returns. Investing in SEO increases your online visibility over time. If you continue investing, you can maintain higher rankings in search engine results. 

SEO Makes Website Customer-Friendly

SEO is not only about keywords. It also involves making your website customer friendly. Plumber SEO experts work to improve page loading time and make website navigation convenient. Google gives importance to these things. The result is your websites ranking improves.

The post makes clear how SEO and plumbing business growth are related. Now that you know how SEO helps your business, you can go ahead and invest in it.