A simple step by step guide to SEO

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The advent of science and technology has enabled the man to roam in the water and swim in the air. Moreover, the gamut of artificial intelligence has expanded its wings far and wide and thus made digitalization reach the nooks and corners of every industry.

One such emerging phenomenon in the world of content creation is SEO which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  So, what exactly is SEO? To put in a layman’s language, it is the process for optimizing your content so that it gets the most un-paid traffic. Moreover, search engine optimization makes your content more attractive and can make your article rank on myriad search engines.

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We have listed down some of the best techniques to make your website SEO friendly especially for the people who have just stepped into the astounding world of content creation.


Content is always the king. There may be other innumerable factors that can define the success of your article but if you have a poor quality of content, your article will be far away from search engine rankings. The first and foremost step towards achieving SEO success is to choose a topic that not only resonates with your target audience but is also well written. Following are some of the topics you can consider :

  • How to shop smart during festivals (chose an approaching festival)
  • Importance of health and fitness in life
  • How-to tutorial articles/videos
  • How to make money online
  • Mental and Emotional challenges of a pandemic
  • Merits and Demerits of Social Media
  • Draconian effects of Global Warming
  • Does Nepotism exist?
  • Is India MODIfied?
  • Equal pay – myths busted

These are merely suggestions. The key here is to write passionately on any topic that you pick.


Formatting plays a pivotal role in making your article SEO friendly. A lack of a proper format can make your audiences switch tabs soon enough. Having a properly formatted article helps your readers stay hooked. Below information will be beneficial to you next time you decide to pen your thoughts :     

 Font TypeFont Size 
Main headingTimes New Roman24, bold, underlined, center-aligned
Sub-headingsTimes New Roman18, bold, right-aligned
ContentTimes New Roman16, right-aligned

Keyword selection and placement

Selecting the right keyword and phrase for your content can make your article rank on various search engines. You have to get into the shoes of your target audience ( make sure you sanitize the shoes afterward. Pun intended !) and think of keywords and phrases that they can potentially type while looking for answers to their questions or searching for products and services online. 

The trick here is to choose wisely. You can check the “search volume” of your keyword on various websites available without any cost. 

Once you have finalized your keyword you now have to strategically place them throughout your article. Remember that the keyword is spread evenly from top to bottom. Do not over-optimize it. Putting too many keywords can also make your article sidelined. 

To make your content more appealing, you can bold your keywords in the article. 

Grammar check

No search engine will rank your article if you mistakenly spelled “advice” to “advise”. There are many such errors that we make while writing which are otherwise not visible to our eyes. Tools like Grammarly can help you make you avoid such mistakes and save yourself from the vicious eyes of Grammar Nazis!

Plagiarism check

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of plagiarism checker. A plagiarized article can lead to many repercussions such as :A close up of a computer

Description automatically generated

  • Legal consequences: The legal repercussions of plagiarism are often quite serious. An author can drag the plagiarist into court under legal and criminal charges. often resulting in a jail sentence. People who write for a living, like journalists or authors, are most vulnerable to plagiarism issues. 
  • Monetary consequences – There are monetary consequences as well. There have been many instances where the plagiarist has to bear the brunt of copying content from another website. The penalty is huge and often comes with a destroyed personal and professional reputation.

You can check for plagiarism on websites like plagiarism detector or duplichecker. It is preferable to attach the plagiarism report when you are sending your article to the client.

The above tips and tricks will come in handy next time you sit down with a tight deadline to meet. In addition to that, it will keep your article organized and you will have to scratch your head a tad bit less. 


English author Edward Lytton penned the famous adage “A pen is mightier than a sword” back in 1839. Little did he know that centuries later, the pen will be replaced by the click of a button. This digital revolution has changed the entire concept of social media and online marketing, especially for content creators. Just like our mobile phones need daily charging, writers too need to recharge themselves regularly because they are processing so much more than before.

One should remember that achieving a 100% SEO success rate will not come overnight to you once you hire a digital marketing agency. You have to keep working hard and let the ideas of creativity ooze from every nerve of your body. Happy Writing!