5 Reasons that keywords matter with amazon listings


Optimizing your amazon listings is perhaps one of the greatest secrets to growing your sales. And in this regard, SEO plays a big role. If youíre familiar with SEO or search engine optimization, you know how important it is in order for your business to grow online. You want your product to rank high on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the other big search engines out there, by optimizing your keyword potential.

Back to your amazon listings, keyword optimization works the same way. After all, amazon is also a search engine. You want to put the right keywords on your every product title and description in order to appear higher on the search results and get more visits, and eventually more sales. If youíre interested in growing your online retail store on amazon, stay with us as we discuss 5 reasons why keywords are a critical part of your amazon business:

1. It enhances your product visibility

Setting up a business in one of the worldís biggest online marketplace spells a lot of competition. By putting the right keywords on your product details, you improve its visibility in amazonís search engine. Product visibility is important if you want your item to get sold. A lot of business owners invest in SEO companies such as KeyworX.org to do all the technical stuff for them that would improve their search engine ranking in amazon.

2. Improves your sales conversion

When driving visitors to your product page, you donít want them to leave immediately. That would get you a high bounce back rate and would push your product down the list. By filling your product description with keywords that are relevant and helpful, you encourage the visitor to stay and read further, look around the ratings and photos, and maybe even buy. So you see, itís not just the use of proper keywords but generally the construction of an effective product copy. You want a product description thatís easy to read and doesnít look like a bunch of words thrown in a spinner.

3. Keywords help you build a following

With the right keywords comes the right visitors, and these prospective clients would eventually turn into your patrons. Your utmost goal as an amazon seller is really to build more sales. But more than that, you want to become a trusted seller too. Itís not just the sales, but the ratings as well. The right keywords, coupled with quality products, and great customer services will definitely give you a solid following of repeat customers and happy clients.

4. It helps you reach your target audience

Part of your market research is to identify who your target audience is. Who are your products for? Are they teenagers, young professionals, or mothers? There are a lot of markets out there and itís important for you to know what your product is aiming at. You donít have to develop items that covers all niches. Believe it or not, focusing on a single niche is often more effective than trying to please all demographics. Pinning the right keywords into you product description certainly helps in filtering the types of customers that go into your store.

5. Allows your business to grow

There are so many factors that contribute to a thriving business. And when it comes to amazon marketplace, keywords is almost always key. Having the right keywords will place you on top of the search engine. It also helps you attract the right customers and your target demographic. It brings your product closer to those who need them, and brings about awareness to your brand.