Truebill App Review

Truebill is a commercial management platform designed to support users in tracking and reducing their recurring monthly bills. It’s an early-stage enterprise based in the San Francisco Bay Area, established at the start of 2016.

The free variant of Truebill is terrific for anyone who requires limited guidance adjusting lower bills. Truebill also contributes information on cancelling services such as gym memberships on their website, which can be very convenient.

The premium variant is best for those who use all the features and want the advantage of having them all in the corresponding place. That’s because you can perceive many of the traits, like subscription cancellation and savings automation, free with other assistance. In addition, Truebill holds an entire suite of innovations that assist you in better managing your money. Here are some of the information about the app that it can do:

Lower your bills: With Truebill, you can attach a bill by clicking a pic of it. Truebill has a crew of bill negotiation specialists willing to find any extra discounts available to you. After that, they’ll accommodate your recurring bills to work to receive a lower rate or one-time credit. They operate with multiple service providers, including Comcast, Cox Communications, Verizon, AT&T, Hulu, Time Warner Cable, and Netflix. Truebill will also adjudicate to receive a refund for you if you hold an interruption. If Truebill controls to protect your money, they get 40% of your savings. If you don’t save money, you won’t settle for assistance. They’ll also tell you how much you protected in the negotiation by email, so it’s forever open.

Cancellation of Subscriptions: Truebill controls and eliminates subscriptions you no long-drawn use. The company asserts that 84% of people have skipped about a monthly subscription, and Truebill ensures recognizing and cancelling them for you. This service is readily available for premium members only.

Get Fee Refunds: Truebill’s concierge holders will automatically demand refunds for premium members when commissioned bank fees. For instance, if you get hit with an overdraft or late payment, Truebill will send a letter to your bank on your behalf requesting a refund. Of course, not all requests are granted, but you may be able to get that money back in your account without lifting a finger.

Helping Budget: The Truebill budgeting app gives you a high-level overview of your cash, credit, investments, and upcoming bills. It will help you prioritize your accounts if you’re short on money. Truebill also categorizes your expenses to identify your specific budget needs and locate spaces where you could preserve them. It’s also simple to observe your spending by month so you can quickly track your journey.

Helping Save: Truebill offers a Smart Savings feature that will help you calculate how much extra cash to set aside each month towards a savings goal while ensuring you’ll have enough to cover your bills and expenses. In addition, you’ll be able to set specific requirements around your savings goals so you don’t end up overdrawing your account or needing to borrow later.

Importance of Truebill

Savings: Truebill saves users an average of $720 per year, according to data published in the International Business Times. That’s a significant annual saving in exchange for zero stress and quickly offsets the cost of accepting the premium service. What’s more, nearly one-fourth of Truebill users realize they are spending for subscriptions they don’t exercise or need.

Cost: It’s free to allow Truebill to negotiate your bills for you, and you’ll only meet if they conserve your money. Truebill’s other characteristics are possible only for premium accounts. You can determine what you spend for a premium account, Truebill accredits between $3 and $12 each month or $36 to $48 yearly, and you can withdraw anytime in the app.

Safe to Use: Truebill practices top-of-the-line 256-bit encryption and bank-level protection to shield your data. Your data is only practiced for the services that Truebill presents; it is never traded. Truebill also securely attaches to financial institutions using Plaid, the related financial services company that enables you to send money through Venmo securely and securely receive their services using Amazon Web Services.

FDIC-insured: Truebill’s Smart Savings characteristic puts your funds into a noninterest-bearing, FDIC-insured statement which implies your funds are guarded up to $250,000.

Impressive Pointers: Truebill

Negotiates and lowers bills: We all pay for convenience in some form or another, and Truebill knows that. It’s an excellent tool for analyzing your subscriptions and helping you lower your monthly payments to put more cashback in your wallet over time.

Avoid recesses in cash flow: Truebill’s free variant has a robust suite of peculiarities to encourage you each month: It traces recurring bills and subscriptions, presents low balance alerts and allows a daily “left for spending” trait. These elements can assist you to keep on monthly statements, stay in the budget each month and bypass clearing late or overdraft fees. 

Payday allowance without fees: If you could utilize a small portion before the next paycheck, you could find the payday loan of up to $125 practical, mainly because no credit is credited for this assistance. This peculiarity alone could be deserving the cost for Premium. 

Non-impressive Pointers: Truebill

Limited budgeting: Unlike similar free or lower-cost money management apps out there, the accessible variant of Truebill doesn’t contribute a lot of budgeting characteristics. You can only append two sections, which could make it challenging to handle your funds. 

Hefty upfront costs: If you’re practicing the bill negotiating assistance, you’ll require to budget for the upfront fee Truebill charges whenever it saves you money, making it challenging if you’re already fighting with cash flow.

Extensive Data: The amount of data offered can intimidate anyone fresh to budgeting and money management.


If you’re operating on how to handle your money, you’re not lonely. You’re amidst many people exercising time each day to learn more about their finances and save money in the method. If Truebill doesn’t seem like the best personal finance tool for you to accomplish these goals, don’t worry; there are lots of other ways to collect extra cash, including several money-saving apps that need little stress on your part. Whether you choose to sign up for Truebill or apply for another resource, we believe that good money management benefits you take in some possible savings. By beginning to practice, good money habits could serve your financial circumstances start to develop.