Summerlin West: The Hottest New Area to Buy a Home in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Summerlin has always been the top-ranked master-planned community in Las Vegas and to the collection of communities within Summerlin, new territory has been introduced, Summerlin West. It spreads across 5,000 acres of high desert framed by the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area.

For now, only three villages are established, namely The Paseos, The Vistas, and Stonebridge, however, more villages will be introduced shortly, including Redpoint and Redpoint Square at Far Hills and the 215 Beltway, and Kestrel and Kestrel Commons at Lake Mead Boulevard and the 215 Beltway. So, after completion, there’ll be 14 villages and 12 neighborhood districts tied to the surrounding mountain views and geologic formations and they will be characterized by their own architectural and landscape style.

What will be the price?

The starting prices of homes for sale in Summerlin West will be varied with so many different floorplans. It will offer a wide range of prices that suit various budgets and lifestyles and new floorplans will be typically priced from the mid $400,000s. It is anticipated that Summerlin West will also be a popular choice among all generations from first-time homebuyers to young professionals, families, and those looking to celebrate their golden years.

What’s different in Summerlin West?

As Summerlin West moves to the west, a wide variety of large villages will emerge with unique natural features and points of interest. Moreover, there’ll be smaller areas within these villages and districts unified by their character and landmarks. These neighborhoods are important to break down the community into friendly, identifiable places. The selection of homes will be widened with styles from traditional to contemporary and eclectic. This would make Summerlin West more popular among people and be more accessible. Neighborhoods will change from familiar suburban patterns to a denser, mixed-use, urban grid. Summerlin community always invents new designs, which a broad range of residential and commercial environments. However, Summerlin West will consist of classic suburban residential neighborhoods and pedestrian-friendly mixed-use modern urban areas, when completed.

New architectural designs

The architectural features of the Redpoint and Redpoint Square will take contemporary versions of Spanish architecture and Mid-Century Modern, respectively. The Grand Park will be a spectacular view corridor to the western mountain range while providing a visual break to the residential development. However, the designs of the surrounding homes will be more relaxed and traditional with a mix of Prairie, Craftsman, Farmhouse, and southwest contemporary styles. Also, indoor and outdoor living areas will be emphasized through durable, organic building materials, and exterior paint palettes.

How many years will it take to fully develop Summerlin West?

The current timeframe for the full development of Summerlin West is about 20 years. Some areas in Summerlin West need evolutionary approaches to develop and therefore, developing this new territory may take more time compared to other villages.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting place to live, Summerlin West is the right choice for you to feel a whole new experience by living close to nature.