How To Sell A House With Its Original Value

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Selling your house with its original value means putting it up for sale in its current condition, sans any repairs and renovation projects, thus speeding up and simplifying the entire selling process. But, do note that just because you’re selling your house as it is, it doesn’t mean that things are going to be a lot easier. It’s just going to be as challenging as all of the other ways to sell a house.

Here are some tips you need to take into consideration when you sell a house with its original value:

1. First Understand What “Original Value” Really Means

Before you go all out with the decision to sell your house for its original value, it’s also imperative that you have a good grasp of what it truly means. That way, you and your possible seller are on the same page as to your expectations.

  • What does selling a house for its original value mean?

Selling a house with its original value means that you’re selling your home in the current state that it is in. In this case, you, the seller, and your potential buyer must come into the same terms as to the fact that you won’t make repairs. Hence, they’re taking the house in full, including all of the problems that it has. This agreement should be in writing.

  • What does it NOT mean?

Selling a house with its original value does not mean that you, the seller, can intentionally hide the defects or misrepresent some information, only because the buyer is taking the house as it is. You are still obligated to answer questions about the current state of the house with all honesty.

2. Determine Your Asking Price

Your asking price refers to the current market or selling value of your house. Before you put up your home for sale as it is, you’ll need to have it appraised. This appraised value is one that also necessarily factors in the defects and other repairs that the prospective new owner will have to carry out. That way, your asking price is the value that’s going to be fair for the buyer as well.

3. Opt To Sell To A We Buy Houses Company

If you feel that it’s taking you too long to find a cash buyer (individual) for your home, then you might also consider selling the property to a we buy houses company, such as 810 Home Buyers.  We buy houses companies are in the business of buying houses in the current state that they are in. In exchange for your house, the company immediately pays you in cash for the value of your home.

We buy houses companies do this simply because they’re in the business of flipping houses. After all the necessary renovations are done, they will then resell the house for a much better price. That way, they earn a substantial profit.

Here are other benefits of selling your home to a We buy houses company:

  • Your home will be sold fast.
  • Your home can be sold for whatever reason you have, and there are fewer documents that need to be prepared.
  • The selling process will also be easier.

4. Prepare Your Home For Sale

Just because you’re selling your home as it is, it doesn’t mean that you simply pack and go. You’ll also have to prepare your home for the sale. That way, you can attract buyers faster. Yes, you no longer need to make any renovations or repairs, but a little brushing up here and there is still highly recommended.

Here are some tips to follow to prep your home for the sale:

  • Declutter. Pack most of your things early. If there’s anything that you can sell or donate, then do so. That way, you’ll have less visual clutter in your home, on top of the distinct problem areas that should’ve called for a repair.
  • Continue Maintaining Your Home Until It’s Sold. While you’re still in your home and you’re still waiting for a sale to push through, continue keeping up with the periodic maintenance. This includes lawn mowing and flushing the water heater, for instance.
  • Remove Personal Dcor. Little by little, you’ll also have to start packing away your memorabilia. That way, it’s also easier for your potential buyers to envision what life may be like for them when they place their belongings in your home.


In usual instances, when a homeowner sells their property, the intention is always to make as much money as possible. But, there are also instances when the owner is in such a rush that they no longer care about the profit. They want to get rid of the property and sell it in exchange for cash in the value that the house is currently at. The tips enumerated above will surely be of help to you if you’re interested in selling your house with its original value.