How to Send a Fax Online in the Absence of Fax Machine


Do you know you can send a fax from your computer for free? Todayin this short tutorial we will see how to send free online fax with tons of services available on the market.

Your eyes might have lit up with the word FREE, but every free fax service has some limitations. They are more of Freemium type services. However, still you will able to send an occasional fax without paying anything.

The services that I am going to share, work on a basis of sending a fax from your computer, using a third party service to accept that document via email and sending that received email to a fax machine by traditional way of dialing a fax number that is then received by the final destination.

Supplies Needed

  1. A Computer with Internet Connection
  2. Email account like Gmail, Yahoo
  3. Third party service like RingCentral,MyFax etc.

Instructions to be followed

1. Make a free account on MyFax that allow you to send a fax for a month as a free trial. Like I said before if you are an occasional fax sender you might get everything for free. MyFax allows you to send a free online fax without paying anything for a full month.

2. Fill the form that say Send a fax for free one time below:

3.The form needs to be filled up with sender info and receiving end info. You can attach your text message or a file made in .doc or .pdf format.

4. After filling up everything you just need to click on send, and you will receive a notification on your email about the successful delivery.

Send a Fax with apps in your Smartphone (Android or iOS)

When it comes to sending a fax without any fax machine, you can certainly try fax sending apps on your smartphone, available on both Android and iOS.

Sending Fax from Android

If you need to send few pages of fax using your Android smartphone, then you can certainly try Fax Burner, which will give you the ability to send 5 pages of fax and to receive 25 pages if you wish to. All you need to do is install the app, sign up, select and send the documents needed to be faxed from your phone storage. This app does in-built scanner but in its photo mode, you can take a snap of the document and send it. In case you wish to send more than 5 pages, you can go for this app’s paid version which costs you $80 per year.

Sending Fax from iOS

For iOS users, we suggest Tiny Fax(Free). It uses a credit system in which you have to buy credits to send a fax. You have to use those credits (10 credits for one page). Its major features are built-in scanner and cover page builder. You can also access your documents saved in DropBox, Google Drive, etc. and send them. After getting pages you wish to fax in order, tap the big start button, select the pages, enter the fax number and to add a cover letter, just tap on the “Add Cover” page.


Sending and receiving fax online has been made simple with tons of companies providing online fax services and now the smartphone apps.If you are an occasional sender, then you do not need to pay anything as many faxing services will allow you to send a fax for free in the first month of trial. Few more of these services may charge a nominal fee. Remember to cancel any membership before your 30-day free trial period is over, as these services will ask for your credit card info that will be charged after your trial expires.

For more information on sending a fax online, do read the article free fax services that has in-depth detail about sending a fax.

Moreover, do share your experience with us, and/or reviews with the online faxing services from the comment section below.