Why Does India Lack Major Gaming Community?

gaming community

The gaming industry is growing all over the world day by day. Compared to the past few years, the numbers of gamers have remarkably increased in India. However, Indian gaming communities are awful. If you examine the other countries such as Japan, Korea, etc. you will notice their accomplished gaming culture, as well as the top communities in the world, belong to those countries. So let’s dig into the reasons behind India’s absence in the gaming industry.


Indians are considering movies, TV shows, they also travel frequently, but when it comes to gaming, unfortunately, they don’t really care. They don’t know that the gaming industry is more extensive than movie making. The fact is, gaming productions need much more efforts to compose a game. In India, most people are unaware of gaming. We watch cricket and football matches all the day with patience and we also follow all the leagues and tournaments, but we don’t do the same with gaming. After all, we love enjoyment, but we don’t consider gaming as our primary entertainment. So we should definitely change our thinking and adopt the rich gaming culture.

Parent’s Perception of Gaming:

Regarding the mindset of our parents, they don’t know about games. You can also define it as the generation gap. According to our parents, only kids play games. However, they don’t know the possibilities and future of gaming. That’s why they don’t let their kids playing games or establish the career as a gamer. Conforming to our parents, it’s cool for watching sports and movies, but it isn’t cool if you play a game. Moreover, our parents have the wrong thinking that games make their child violent. Apart from that, our parents don’t introduce us to games like they do with movies and sports. Therefore, Indian kids don’t connect with games during their childhood. After all, the effect of the generation gap is decreasing day by day and the new generation parents are introducing their kids with games.

Financial Condition:

We need expensive PC, consoles and superior internet connection to be a professional-gamer. However, many Indians can’t afford these. However, nowadays Indians can afford a smartphone easily and start playing games on our phones. In the meantime, many big game developers are establishing games for the smartphone. There are also many famous games already available on the smartphone like Clash of Clans, PUBG, etc. Moreover, we can start playing those games on our phones if we can’t afford a gaming PC or Console. However, we play those games casually and don’t take it seriously. Surprisingly, the mobile gaming market is increasing day by day.

Author’s View:

Furthermore, very few gaming competitions are happening in India. Surprisingly ESL and some other eSports brands are trying to determine the base of gaming culture in India by holding competitions. Asus and Nvidia are also trying to open gaming cafes in metro cities. Besides all of those brands, we also need to change our own mindset. We can build our career as a pro gamer and take gaming to the next level.

In my opinion, the generation gap, which I mentioned earlier, will disappear in the future with the young parents. They will introduce their kids to various video games and appreciate gaming as their career. We need to know that a game needs technology, music, art, education, learning everything.

Community forms, when many people retain their genuine interest in a particular topic. India has pro gamers, but they don’t want to mix up with other players or assist them cause of their self-esteem. I know, playing games is an expensive hobby, but still, we have the potentials to break all of those barriers to construct some eminent gaming communities. Consequently, our nation will belong to the sovereign countries in gaming.

Furthermore, eSports will be at the Olympic Games within a few years. Being a pro gamer, I would suggest all the other pro gamers to get prepare for the biggest stage. We can definitely represent India as one of the best eSports countries.