Here Is How IDEA Data Sharing Works? A Few Simple Steps & You Can Transfer IDEA Internet Data Balance!


Apart from some cool offers and packages IDEA has for its users, the company has a provision of IDEA Data sharing with your friends and family. This provision has made the company one of the leading Telecom Network companies in the market. Through this offer, you can easily share the tariff benefits among all the linked connections with your Idea number.†

Luckily, this feature of Idea Data sharing is available for both Prepaid & Postpaid IDEA users.†

In this piece of article, we are going to share with you how you can actually transfer the Idea Internet Data balance to the connected contacts. Along with that, we will also touch upon the terms and conditions associated with this Idea data sharing service. 

The basic detail of Idea Data Sharing Service

IDEA is one of the leading Telecom Network companies today. With increasing competition, the companies are struggling for their survival. This service of data sharing is an attempt for the same by IDEA. In this, an IDEA user can easily and conveniently transfer the data balance using a simple USSD service or a Web Service.†

You can transfer 100MB data with the validity of 3 days at a service charge of Re.1 or can also transfer 150 MB data valid for 7 days at the service cost of Re. 2. This is not all, IDEA users can also transfer 250MB data with the validity of 15 days at the cost of Re. 3.†

All Easyshare Plans Introduced By IDEA

How To Avail IDEA Data Sharing Service (Idea Easy Share Service)? 

If you are an Idea user, you can easily and conveniently transfer the data with friends and family following just these few steps.†

  1. Dial *121*121# 
  2. Select the preference the move to the next step
  3. Select the data plan that you want to transfer to your friendís or family memberís number 
  4. Add the beneficiary number for verification (the number to which you want data to be transferred) 
  5. Add all the details as per the instructions.

Terms & Conditions For Idea Easy Share Service 

There are several terms and conditions that are set by the IDEA company in relation to the Idea data sharing service. In this section, we are going to discuss all those terms and conditions. 

  • All the Idea users can recharge with the EasyShare plans and become the donor to transfer the benefits of that pack to other IDEA prepaid users in your circle. 
  • No subscriber can transfer the benefits he has received from others. 
  • No user can transfer the benefits to his own MSISDN 
  • The fee for the data-sharing service will be deducted from the Talktime balance
  • Every user who wishes to enjoy the Idea easy share services must have sufficient Talktime balance to transfer the benefits to another number. 
  • Maximum 5 beneficiaries can be added through the WEB. If you wish to delete any beneficiary, that can also be carried out using USSD. 
  • These Easyshare packs of Idea & the transfer packs will work as an add-on pack. The data can be either 2G or 3G depending on the customerís existing plan as well as the device. 

These are some of the basic terms and conditions that every IDEA user who wishes to use IDEA data share services should follow. 

So, if you are the one looking for information on the IDEA Easyshare services, we hope that this article proves to be helpful. Comment below if you liked the information and found it helpful.