Vishakhapatnam Gas Tragedy – Vizag LG Polymer plant gas leak: 10 Dead, Thousands Injured

Vishakhapatnam Gas Tragedy

Vishakhapatnam Gas Tragedy: Styrene gas leak from a chemical plant in Vizag.

A deadly gas leak happened between 2.30 A.M to 3.00 A.M in LG Polymer Industry at RR Venkatapuram near the Naiduthota area close to Gopalapatnam. 10 people, including two senior citizens and one 8-year-old girl, reported dead in this tragic incident. More than 50000 thousand people are hospitalized after the styrene gas leak from a chemical plant in Vizag.

The chemical plant makes polystyrene and expandable polystyrene, which is used to make plastic products like toys and other appliances. As soon as the Vishakhapatnam Gas Tragedy happened, it affected more than five villages of the area and spread over a radius of 3K.M.

Local police came to the areas and launched the evacuation of the local citizens.

ANI Reported “Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a meeting of the NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority), in wake of the situation in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh). Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Home Minister Amit Shah also present.”

“The investigation is in the process to find out how this happened” “Investigation underway. Forensic teams are also being sent to the spot” Andhra Pradesh DGP Damodar Goutam Sawang.

The social media and news channel were full of horrific videos and pictures of people lying down unconscious of the roads, rashes on their bodies, and soar eyes, people also facing breathing difficulties because of the gas leak.

Just after the incidents came in lights, All netizens started twitting and sharing the horrible condition of the Vizag, Andhra Pradesh.

Vishakhapatnam Gas Tragedy: Precautionary Measures for LG Polymers Industrial Accident

  1. Move away from the accident place as soon as possible.
  2. Wear wet cloth or wet mask to cover the nose and mouth.
  3. If eye irritation observed wash with clean water.
  4. Take Milk/Banana/ Jaggery to neutralize the effect of the gas.
  5. Do Not consume the uncovered food or water etc.
  6. If you have any breathlessness, vomiting sensation, stomach ache, etc. Please reach out for medical help immediately. Do not panic, Don’t pay attention to the rumors/ viral hoax news.
  7. Those who are participating in rescue operations must wear proper respiratory protection equipment.
  8. If any unidentified children found, inform the nearest police station.
  9. Don’t Forget the COVID 19 Precautions.

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