Video Games: Flight simulator, Escape in a few clicks!

Video games have virus which is raging in this challenging period, therefor, we are forced to confine ourselves to defeat it altogether.

So, what better way to spend a peaceful time than travel beyond our lands, crisscrossing the entire Earth, while staying in our living room?

Video games: Flight simulator, escape in a few clicks!

With Microsoft’s new baby: Flight Simulator, this is now possible! In conditions bordering on reality thanks to the use of photogrammetry (process allowing to give a 3D volume to objects based on photos), you will therefore have the opportunity to take flight aboard more than twenty aircraft.

Whether you are a seasoned pilot for years or a budding aviator keen to visit the most beautiful cities in the world, this game is for you. With the establishment of a flight school system, you can learn to master the basics of flight before embarking on pure simulation even as a beginner. It is better to specify that the game requires a sufficiently powerful computer. As long as you meet its heavy demands on resources (and which is not kerosene), the four corners of the globe will have no secrets for you.

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At the Heart of Realism

At the end of the year, the title has more than 2 million users and is now compatible with virtual reality. This novelty allows players with the appropriate equipment to enjoy an extraordinary simulation experience. You will be able to soar the skies, while being immersed inside the cockpits of the various planes available, going from simple propeller models to famous long-haul aircraft like the Airbus A320.

With the help of an impeccable weather management system, you can fly in realistic or modified flight conditions. During your trip, rain, snow, sun, thunderstorm or even storm, can therefore affect your journey in real-time. And who says real-time, also says, day/night cycle, perfectly reproduced in this simulator. The developers closely follow the title. In fact, following the winter update adding VR compatibility, the landscapes have also been coated with snow to match some localities’ current situation.