Top 25 Mobile Apps (Based on Active Usage)

In a publication from comScore, who are a global leaders in measuring the digital world has come up with the list of most popular mobile apps based on usage.

In the App report, we also have many answers to the questions like how quickly the mobile app usage has grown? How frequently people use apps on their devices? How much time users spend on these apps and more.

Top 25 Mobile Apps

Most of these apps are free, except the subscription based app like Netflix, which requires subscription to access the movies and tv shows. Google has come out as the most popular App publisher with fourapps in the top 10.

Surprisingly there is no mobile games in the top 25, so gamer have to wait for another list, that we will be featuring soon on SaveDelete.

  1. Facebook: As expected its the most popular app with more than115.4 million visitors in US.
  2. YouTube: The favorite video sharing website.
  3. Google Play: Google’s necessary app for Android users.
  4. Google Search: Searching with Google is still fun.
  5. Pandora: Spotify is nowhere Pandora.
  6. Google Maps: Travelling with Google Maps and finding places is so easy.
  7. Gmail: My favorite email service.
  8. Instagram: Photo sharing with friends is never been so easy.
  9. Apple Maps: Apple slowly moved up with their mapping app as well.
  10. Yahoo Stocks: Stock owners first choice is Yahoo Stocks and its brilliant and fast.
  11. iTunes Radio/iCloud: Apple iTunes the most popular radio app on Mac OS.
  12. Facebook Messenger: Messaging on Facebook has changed a lot and that’s good.
  13. Yahoo Weather Widget: People see a lot of weather news in the world.
  14. Twitter: I use Twitter as a microblogging app and does not have any competitor near to it.
  15. The Weather Channel: Another weather app in the top 15, means weather is popular search from users.
  16. Google+: Google new hangouts, group conversations and page features are competing heavily with Facebook.
  17. Netflix: The only subscription based app for Movies and TV shows in the top 25.
  18. Snapchat: Chat with your friends with snaps.
  19. Amazon Mobile: Probably the most effective app with huge marketplace of almost everything you want to buy.
  20. Pinterest: Pinterest has grown like nothing, its picture
  21. eBay: Buying and selling with eBay is a great experience.
  22. Skype: Free voice and video calls around the world.
  23. Shazam: Find music tracks that are playing around.
  24. Yahoo Mail: Yahoo mail is still popular among email services.
  25. Kik Messenger:Kik is the fast, simple, and personal smartphone messenger that connects you to everyone you love to talk to.