What to Do to an Old Mobile while Upgrading to a new Mobile

If you’re considering upgrading to the latest phone, ensure you remove your personal information before trading it in. Because your mobile possibly has some sensitive, personal information on it – viz., account numbers, emails, passwords, photos, videos, and text messages.

If that data ends up in fallacious holds, someone could use it to wreak havoc. They could open accounts in your name, spend your money, hack into your email, or take over your social media accounts. But, if there is some life left in the mobile, there are ways to get more life out of it around the house before retiring the older one to the bottom drawer.

Let’s check few nice things that can be done with the Old Mobile.

Upgrading to a new smartphone or tablet will drop you with a settlement: What should be done to your old device? 

Ideas like donating, exchanging, or recycling scrapped devices are popular alternatives, like moving on a serviceable phone to a member sharing a wireless-provider account. However, there are additional ways to get extra fruitful use from outmoded hardware without embedding much money into it. Here are some concepts to get more advantage out of your downgraded device.

Remote Control Home & Serve as Home e-Book Readers

Third-party remote apps swarm, but multiple tech companies like Amazon, Roku, Samsung, Apple, Google, and LG Electronics) have their programs. Innovative music libraries, home devices, internet-connected televisions are controlled by apps these days. So it is a better idea to convert your old phone or tablet into an all-purpose universal remote. Just go through your app store for software that pairs up with your hardware at home.

The old tablet can work as a dedicated e-book reader, although you might have to charge it constantly or keep it plugged in.

Make a Media Machine

It can compensate for your need for an extra television at the dining table or kitchen. The old phone or tablet can step up while you subscribe to a TV provider or streaming service. You have to download the TV provider’s app or your separate TV service of the Disney+, Fubo.TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or whatever you want to see and log into your account. Place up the device near a wall plug to operate on electrical power while you watch. The placement will benefit you because there are chances that the old device has a worn-out battery.

Furthermore, placing your old mobile in a speaker crib with a charger provides you a bookshelf sound system for music and podcasts. Or you can keep the phone attached to its charger and stream music to a wireless Bluetooth speaker placed nearby. 

The old tablets also make good dedicated e-book readers. However, they have to stay connected to a charger; it can still be used as digital picture frames for photo slide displays. 

Teach and Entertain 

After hitting the settings area and erasing your personal information, you may decide to give the old model smartphone to your child to manage it as a phone or tablet for games and educational apps. First, take a moment to go through the setup to protect your security and privacy. Next, generating an account for the child and configuring the parental controls for screen time, app purchases, and internet access will help secure your kids. Parental control settings found in operating systems for Amazon, Android, Apple, and Samsung do help a lot.

If the smartphone still has a functional camera to hold a charge for an hour, you can also teach photography fundamentals using it. You can even impart money-management skills by stacking up the child’s app store account with a prepaid app-store gift card. Finally, you can use it during your home teach time videos if the old smartphone battery goes out after an hour.

Make it Your Home Game Player

Depending on the battery state and processor, restricting your old device to the hunt of gaming is another way to give it new life. To start afresh, washing off all the old data provides you more room to download and save new games.

Playing old games on old phones may have a nostalgic appeal, and you can find classics converted for mobile play in the app stores. And you’re not limited to stand-alone games. Subscription services like Apple Arcade and Google’s Stadia can run on many mobile devices. In addition, you can beam your games and another video to the big screen if you’re using the Google Chromecast game mode or the AirPlay technology that Apple devices use to share the screen on Apple TV devices.

If tapping a touch screen has never been your plan of serious gaming, contemplate catching your old phone into a unique controller that delivers physical buttons, the standard D-Pad, and thumbsticks to the gaming experience.