What is a Web Browser?

What is a Web Browser

A web browser is an application on a pc or a computer that allows you to access internet, websites and other forms of content like text, images and videos.

On mobile phones too, you will find browsers.

Function of web browser is to access the world wide web by accessing or retrieving data in form on content, images, video from a web server to a user’s device.

The most popular, modern and the best web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera.

A web browser application is free to download and you need an internet connected to download them.

Download Web Browsers

Below is a list of all the web browsers we have listed above, you can download each any any of them from their respective websites.

Google Chrome

Google web browser is the most intuitive and one of the most advanced browsers around. From changing currencies on fly or telling weather of place in a jiffy, Google has made a great job in making people sticking to Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

Released in 2002, is been 20 years since this browser has been on top list of web browsers. It special feature that everybody loves is the security and transparent privacy policy. Their motto is to make lightning fast browsing experience and they don’t sell your data to advertisers.

Microsoft Edge

Released in 2015 Microsoft Edge is developed as a replacement for the age old Internet Explorer. I just can’t imagine my days with working on Internet explorer, making websites on such browser was pretty tough. But hats off to that time and type patience each web developers carried. Anyways Microsoft Edge has decent features like in build PDF reader and supports asm.js. Its power efficiency is said to be the highest among all the browsers in this list.


Released in 2003, Safari is a well known web browser, it runs on iOS devices and macOS that have a default version installed on them. The newer version developed in 2020 is said to be the faster than 50% of their rival browser Google Chrome.


Released in 1995, it’s one of the oldest web browsers and it has quite different UI plus few features makes it unique choice. Its a chromium based browser and has features like Speed dial, reopening closed pages, pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, private browsing, Snapshot with image markup tool.