New Technologies in your Smart Wardrobe Cabinet

Many innovations have to turn your wardrobe into a much more spacious and convenient storage area and ensure you are organized on time and look your best. When considering a smart home, what occurs to mind are many sophisticated tools; however, technological progress hasn’t ended there. It has grown to slide door wardrobes as well.

In the subsequent article, we shall review many significant innovations that can build our lives much more comfortable and well-organized and empower us to look our best, simply and swiftly.

It sets out that the natural childhood fancy in which we snap our fingers and our garments are put in order or removed from our wardrobe on their own is no longer far from existence. The best minds and most excellent designers are constantly at work on the design and manufacture of cupboards and closets that meet the needs of today’s customers, and do not stop surprising and innovating!

Smart Storage Solutions

Handy, advanced retrieval fittings facilitate expeditious retrieval of shoes and belts and get the garments placed on upper shelves or in the rear parts of cabinets readily accessible. In addition, carousel and fan devices on which garments move from the intervals of wardrobes to in our reach, opening at varied angles and modular storage – all add to everyday ease of use and considerably improve utilization of the storage area at your disposal.

So instead of skipping the items somewhere up there on the inaccessible upper shelves or back parts of the wardrobe, let them just lay there unused. It would be more satisfying to retrofit your cabinet with clarifications to optimize storage area utilization and make every inch of your wardrobe available and valuable.

Automatic Internal LED Lighting

Many of us are familiar with the difficulty that our wardrobes and closets are not always located to enable convenient lighting. Even if the lighting is installed inside the cabinet or in proximity to the cupboard, it doesn’t always effectively reach the inner recesses where we store the essential items—the result: frustration over precious time wasted at critical moments when searching for a garment or accessory.

The solution has now been discovered, putting an end to the frustrating hunt in the dark corners of the wardrobe – unique LED lighting attached to the interior walls of the cabinets. The instant the wardrobe doors are unlocked, this lighting goes on automatically, delivering it convenient and straightforward to see the stored items and find what you require swiftly and efficiently.

Conceal with Floating Cabinet

On your former wardrobes, the sliding door trails were visible and usually the lower shoe drawers; people now ask for a much cleaner, more minimalistic appearance. The floating cabinet meets this need. As a result, floating wardrobes look different: Their sides, tracks, internal partitions, and drawers are hidden!

The floating cabinets’ sliding doors cover all these elements, which are positioned behind them. They are fitted outside the wardrobe itself, which improves internal storage capacity. In addition, the different structure of the floating sliding doors allows maximum strength and excellent durability in the long term, with a carrying capacity of approximately 100 kg per wing, which runs incredibly smoothly and noiselessly.

Storage Space Embedded in Sliding Doors

Wardrobes are an essential, even vital item of furniture; however, sometimes, as mentioned, they would be better to remain seen and not disturb the bedroom’s overall design. Straight-line closing enables the clothes to become embedded in the wall and appear as an integral part of it so that it doesn’t take up unnecessary space and encumber the eye.

Another smart option is the integration of a flat TV screen on the front of the wardrobe. So instead of taking up another wall or unnecessary space in the room, the two functions can be combined – both storage and watching TV, on the same sliding doors!  Along with the savings in area, the look this gives is intelligent, elegant and impeccably modern.

Spacious Clear Wardrobe Doors

Many people think that extensive wardrobes with substantial sliding doors are furniture that could appear heavy and bulky. Instead, you have the opportunity of one or two transparent facades, giving the rest in the wardrobe’s original opaque color. Thus, some of the storage space is received in favor of decor items, visible through the transparent panel.

From the aesthetic design standpoint, sliding doors of the floating type, in particular, provide an appearance of cleaner lines, which can be taken in two main directions. One possibility is to assimilate the wardrobe doors into the space of the room. On the other hand, another opportunity is to highlight the wardrobe doors, turning them into a creative canvas that can be calligraphed in any picture, photograph, or design you can think of… Thus utilizing the wardrobe into an artistic display wall exhibiting works of art with personality, breathtaking landscape photos, or even selfies with your loved ones.

Future of Wardrobes and Storehouse

There are numerous revolutionary ideas currently in the developing and production grades. Some already exist as prototypes; however, they are not yet reasonably priced, affordable by the average consumer. For example, there is now a wardrobe prototype that enables dry cleaning of the garments while ironing them through the emission of aromatic fumes into the product’s internal area.

The innovative wardrobe can be controlled from a smartphone screen, forming a part of the evolving bright home concept, saving time, and making daily life easier. Another innovation in the development stage is an intelligent wardrobe whose doors function as a cellular screen, with data uploading such as weather conditions, day, date and time, and even news updates, displaying them on the sliding door or the mirror attached to it.

Leading companies in this area are developing an application enabling you to share your outfit or several different outfits under consideration with friends on social media. After all, who wouldn’t want immediate advice on such a challenging question of what to wear today?

Summing Up

In the future, we may see some of these innovations, which seem as if taken from science fiction, become everyday items available to everyone! Technology, advancing at a dizzying pace, is reaching every corner and every area of our lives. All we need to do is ride the wave, choose the innovations relevant and suited to us, and benefit from the progress!