Sergey Tokarev from Roosh talks about the situation of Ukrainian IT during the war

Sergey Tokarev

Regarding the incessant attacks from Russia, Ukrainians remain faithful to their country and keep struggling each on their frontlines. The IT sector is one of those frontlines  that has been significantly affected since the war started. Nobody can imagine what potential Ukraine might have after it wins. Sergey Tokarev, Roosh’s Founding Partner, shares big hopes about Ukraine that thousands of skilled IT specialists will benefit the country.

What is going on in Ukrainian IT today?

According to Sergey Tokarev, some IT companies could adapt to the harsh reality and continue their business. But they had to come to unpleasant solutions to save their employees and maintain the entire company’s performance. So, as soon as the ban on crossing the country for men is rejected, male specialists will go abroad, and some tech companies will open offices in other countries.

The fact that many people came back to Ukraine in the summer is obvious. Ukrainians are worried about the country’s future. Sergey Tokarev believes when the war is over, more people will return and rebuild the country’s economy. Even those who emigrated over 20 years ago are supporting the country by donating and sacrificing other resources.

However, there is one challenge the IT segment confronts, and it is about appealing to foreign investors. The reason for the issue lies in the confidence that investments are safe. Now, it is difficult for Ukraine to guarantee this demand because of the Russian invasion. Despite the bravery and resilience of Ukrainians, the war anyway affects business productivity. That is why it is quite difficult to foresee the country’s future.

Is there a promising future for Ukrainian IT?

On the other hand, the entrepreneur notices we are expecting tendencies that might positively impact the IT development in Ukraine. For example, Sergey Tokarev mentions that cooperation and assistance to Ukraine will become a trend that the global players in the IT market would like to join. Such an approach will be possible after the war ends. In addition, cooperation between the state and the IT segment will also be reinforced, especially in AI and military tech.

The businessman believes Ukraine is expecting many top-class IT experts that will be able to take a position in international companies. It is a well-known fact that a mass of layoffs is now occurring throughout the world. And Tokarev predicts that this tendency won’t stop in the nearest future. For example, US IT companies are at the stage of adopting outsourcing, and a part of staff is dismissed. However, since Ukraine has a highly qualified, affordable labor force, very soon, foreign companies will hire and accept Ukrainians.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the world generally experiences a shortage of top-notch engineers (in particular hardware) and product managers. Therefore, there will be a great demand for these specialties in all countries, including Ukraine.