Reddit is eliminating its Gold awards system

Reddit is eliminating its Gold awards system

Reddit is discontinuing its current coins and awards systems, which means users will no longer have the ability to express gratitude to others by giving Reddit Gold for their posts. Awards are small icons given by users to show appreciation for a post on Reddit. One of the well-known awards is Reddit Gold, represented by a gold medal with a star, but there are also reaction awards and community-specific awards.

To purchase an award, users need Reddit Coins, but as of Thursday, they will no longer be able to obtain more coins, according to a post by Reddit admin venkman01. Awards and existing coins will remain available until September 12th. Additionally, this change means that Reddit Premium subscribers will no longer receive a regular allocation of coins.

Venkman01 mentioned in the post that while awards were initially intended as a fun way to acknowledge contributions from fellow Redditors, there has been consistent feedback about the clutter caused by the large number of awards (over 50 at present) and the complex process involved in awarding content. Users also desire greater value for the recipients of awarded content.

Although Reddit has plans for a new award system in the future, the details provided in the post are vague. Venkman01 mentioned that rewarding content and contribution, including something similar to gold, will remain a central aspect of Reddit. They indicated that more information about a new direction for awarding, which allows users to empower each other and create more meaningful ways to recognize high-quality contributions, will be shared in the coming months. Simplicity and user-friendliness are emphasized.

The decision by Reddit has received criticism from many users, with some expressing discontent over the removal of features without ready replacements. Others have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of compensation or a smooth transition to the new system. For users already frustrated with Reddit’s recent API pricing changes that led to the closure of popular third-party apps, the loss of iconic awards like Reddit Gold may be particularly disappointing.

Although Reddit has not revealed specific details about the new system, Android Authority has uncovered some hints from code in Reddit’s Android app. It suggests that Reddit is working on a “contributor program” that would allow users to convert received gold or karma (points earned for posts, comments, or giving awards) into real money. Reddit has not responded to requests for comments regarding Android Authority’s article.