How to Go Viral On Facebook?


Although it has been with us for a long time now and other platforms have arrived to fill more niche and specific social media requirements, Facebook remains the best known and widest-reaching site.

This article will explain the key ingredients of a popular post which, when taken together can propel it to viral status and so open up new markets and followers for your profile page, brand or business.

Not only does it currently have nearly 3 billion active users per month, and rising at a rate that shows no sign of slowing down, it covers a broad demographic and has a unique ability to connect easily with other social sites.

Having posts go “viral” on any site is the goal for any brand or business, having it go viral on Facebook is potentially life-changing, especially if you can generate such vibrant content regularly. Knowing how to go viral on Facebook is a key skill for modern social media users.

Steps to Follow to go Viral on Facebook

Being relevant is important so aim to tailor your posts to include information or thoughts on the latest trends and most up-to-date topics of conversation. Keep an eye on sites such as Twitter to see what people are talking about and include that in your content.

Get Personal

Social media sites, Facebook included, can feel both crowded and empty at the same time. Full of people yet unconnected with you, your life and your interests. And that is why, to engage with people, it pays to get personal.

Even if you are a business, it is the personal information that people are drawn to, so include information about relatable topics such as a job promotion, a family wedding or a newborn baby, losing weight and other personal achievements.

Run A Facebook Ad

It is always worth investing in yourself and on Facebook that equates to advertising to help drive a post full potential reach. You don’t need to do this for everything that you post but paying a small amount to increase the reach of important posts is worth considering.

The cost is generally low, $10-$20 and it can be targeted for a specific demographic to match the type of customer or reader you are looking for.

Ask Others to Share Your Post

Asking people to share your posts isn’t always the easiest thing to do but is a good habit to get into. The Facebook algorithm is designed to bury much of its content so that even your close friends don’t see it. 

Most close friends and family won’t mind sharing content to their newsfeeds, especially if you are happy to reciprocate and sometimes it is that little extra momentum that can cause the avalanche that can send your post viral.

Post at the Right Time

It is easy to just post on your page or profile as you think of things to say but you need to be better organised than that. Facebook has some great Insight statistics which will help you identify your target audience, including showing when they are most active online.

Run various test posts to try and find the best time to post, based on the site statistics and you will quickly work out the prime posting time for the widest reach and the most active engagement with followers.

Boost Engagement

Remember that this is a social platform and as such engagement with other users is key. For a post to go viral, it is important to be increasing your likes and views, comments and shares at a steady rate. You can wait for this to happen organically but you should buy Facebook likes to help build your profile.

Media Mister offers the best services around and has delivered millions of likes and views to numerous Facebook clients who have then seen their social status skyrocket as a result.

High-Quality Videos

Videos are a fantastic way of grabbing a viewers attention but to stand out from the crowd you need to deliver something high quality. You have around 5 seconds to grab their attention and draw them in so great audio and visual components, good production values, certainly no wasted, dead air and ample lighting are all needed to stand out.

Cross Promotion on Other Social Media Sites

Facebook might be an important platform but it is just one of many. Any content created on Facebook can and should be posted across other social platforms. Facebook even make linking and cross-posting easy for you and so you can bounce your content across all manner of other platforms, from Twitter to WordPress Blogs and even sites such as LinkedIn.

Such cross-promotion means that your content is constantly being pushed back into a sites newsfeed and staying in the public’s consciousness.


Having a post go viral on Facebook isn’t a mystery, it just takes careful planning. By following the above tips and techniques you will find that you can massively increase your engagement to the point where your posts are regularly going viral. And what better way is there to promote your page or profile.

Whether you are a small business or artist, a passionate hobbyist or are selling top brands, this article is a blueprint to put you way ahead of the competition. Follow its advice and you will find whole swathes of new followers, and for businesses potential customers, will now become aware of you and your Facebook presence.

About Author: Johny Walker is a Social Media Expert and Web Traffic Consultant for over 10 years. In 2012 he launched Media Mister, a Social Media Marketing Company which is helping businesses to get social presence at an affordable price.

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