11 Key Chatbot Features That Impact Your Bot Performance

Bot Performance

In today’s world, all business organizations have heard about Chatbots. It’s safe to say that most of them have deployed chatbots and seen favorable results. Choosing a chatbot for your business can be a daunting process. It’s common to get confused and lost between so many options that are available in the market. Different types of chatbot features are beneficial to other organizations. If you are still confused about what chatbot to invest in, we are here to help.

Here is a list of the top 11 chatbot features that impact your bot performance, and you must actively look for them in your bots-

1. Backed by Artificial intelligence

Good communication is the key to making your customers satisfied. This is why your chatbot must have the ability to understand what the customer is asking for. The inability to understand the customer’s point may make them frustrated and unsatisfied. To make sure that your customer leaves the website or the application happy, a chatbot must understand the context of the conversation. This is venture boards backed by artificial intelligence must be considered for all businesses. The interpretation of a chatbot is backed by artificial intelligence. AI chatbot features like this help make business operations simple and easy.

2. Chatbot API

Having a chatbot API is indispensable for a chatbot to initiate conversations successfully. API enables the chatbot to access information from different platforms, such as product databases for customer relationship management, to seek important information, or even to get a basic idea for carrying out healthy and profitable conversations. This is one of the best chatbot features and can contribute to the growth of an organization immensely.

3. Sentiment Analysis

The language that humans use is very different from that of the language of chatbots. Often, chatbots need help deciphering the real meaning behind what the customer is trying to say. In situations like these, sentiment analysis is critical so that the chatbot can articulate a customer’s emotions and deal with them accordingly. For example, if a customer is sad, then the chatbot will make sure that it answers back very calmly and try to elevate the mood of the customer. Sentiment analysis can be called the most innovative AI chatbot feature as it makes conversations with chatbots almost human-like. If you are interested in building a chatbot with human emotional intelligence then you can take a look at our Kommunicate chatbot builder.

4. Support tool integration

Your chatbot must easily integrate with other support tools, such as the helpdesk and knowledge base, to improve the customer experience. Being able to integrate with a device such as a knowledge base helps in generating excellent quality answers to the customers. This chatbot feature improves the quality of the conversation and makes the solutions more precise and informative.

5. Social Media Integrations

Your chatbot needs to connect easily with other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and telegram. This way, your business can target leads and opportunities quickly. Also, figuring out what intrigues your customers becomes more accessible, which will eventually help in improving the performance of your business in sales and marketing.

6. Data security

Data security should be your biggest concern as today’s customers are always inclined towards organizations that keep their data secure. It is one of the most valued chatbot features, and all organizations actively look for data privacy. Some of the most sought-after security features of chatbots for data security are authorizations, end-to-end encryption, scanning capabilities, authentication, and protection from the attacks of unethical hackers. You should never take the issue of data security lightly, as your customers or your organization’s data can be used for unlawful purposes.

7. Marketing techniques

A chatbot’s main goal is to increase an organization’s sales and help them with marketing. This is why it is essential to select a chatbot that is competent enough to promote your products or services in a way that is creative and different. A marketing chatbot must be able to carry out tasks like-

  1. Displaying product recommendations based on the previous choices of the customer.
  2. Notify the customers of upcoming sales and discount offers.
  3. Active engagement with customers to keep them interested.
  4. Giving them personalized facilities such as notifying them whenever their products are discounted.

It is one of those chatbot features which will help your products or services to gain recognition in the market.


8.Customization in settings

Chances are high that you may feel like changing the kind of visual experience your chatbot offer after a certain time. This is why it is essential to choose a chatbot that gives you the facility of customization so that you can change your chatbot as per your needs. All the basic chatbots allow you to change the name of the bot, choose a  different display image and display the chatbot on the pages you like. Chatbot features like these help maintain your relevancy in the market and make you a dynamic organization.

9. Analyze the performance of the organization

It will be an added benefit if your chatbot can analyze your business’s performance. Understanding and comprehending different data available to improve the sales and profits of a business is a great feature that a chatbot can offer. This is an appropriate way of spotting the loopholes in a business and considering the critical feedback to improve the business performance. Analyzing the performance of an organization is one of those features of a chatbot, which may not seem very important on the surface level but can do wonders if used properly.

10.Conversation building

Chatbot conversation building helps you to make changes in the chatbot interface based on its performance. Through this feature, you can add new conversation chains to the already existing templates. You also have the facility to remove certain dialogues which may sound monotonous and add more intriguing sentences or dialogues. This is one of the features of a chatbot that helps you evolve as an organization and become dynamic.

11. Conversation preview

This is one of those chatbot features that you can’t miss. Through this facility, chatbot service providers can allow you to preview all the chatbot conversations before you decide to take them live.

The Final Word

As an organization, you must actively look for these 11 chatbot features, as they can immensely impact your bot performance. At times it might become difficult for you to decide because of less familiarity with the concept of chatbots, learn everything about chatbots in this guide. But that’s alright, as you’re not the only one going through that. The best way to select a chatbot for your company is to know what you’re looking for to make an informed decision.