Review : iPhone 5s

review iphone 5s

As expected iPhone 5s has made quite a buzz since its launch, this eagerly awaited phone has got some amazing add-ons and the main area where the key improvements have been made is its inside, as there is no change in the size and weight.

The first ever smartphone providing full 64-bit chip and revolutionary capacitive fingerprint sensor, has really made its Forward-Thinking concept a reality. As expected the “s” versions don’t get too many hardware changes like in size of screen, shape of device and weight of phone.

With newly launched OS, iPhone 5s gets the new iOS 7 which is another major update. So, how does this affect the already strong competitors and the new “forward-thinking” concept of Apple iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5s Review

review iphone 5s


Although it doesn’t have any major difference with its predecessor iPhone 5, you will still get the same aluminium chassis, curved edges, but i really liked the more metallic colors than before.

If you get into the dimensions and weight info then you can expect exactly same values. 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches) & 112g (3.95 ounces). 4-inch, Retina display with 326px per inch, 500 nits of brightness rating and 800:1 contrast ratio. I hope this all will change in future upgrade.

The major change in design is the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor or scanner, which gets place of the only home button, but there is another major change with dual-LED flash on the back of phone. Plus the A7 chip with 64-bit support has already given iPhone 5s great CPU and GPU performance. All this is due to another coprocessor called M7, which takes the toll off from main processor in measuring motion data. Another upgrade goes into the iSight rear and front camera.

The most important improvement has been the LTE’s support with A1453 with 13 LTE bands, supporting almost all pentaband DC-HSPA+, quad-band GSM / EDGE and quad band CDMA/EVDO rev. Right now Apple plans to sell only the locked versions with Sprint in A1453 band. With A1553 GSM version will get into AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Other places like Europe will have A1457 and Asia will get the A1530 network in LTE. For iPhone 5c will be in similar LTE networks as mentioned above.

Some more features include Bluetooth 4.0, aGPS & GLONASS for navigation, 802.11a/b/g/n as dual-band and the age old 16GB, 32GB, 64GB in storage as seen in earlier versions. One more color is introduced making the lot of 3 colors – silver, space gray (black highlights on top & bottom), and gold. The gold color model has certainly made immense excitement towards Apple enthusiasts.

Touch ID

touch id in iphone 5s

Smartphones with fingerprint sensor idea is not new, and there is one phone from Motorola named Atrix 4G which has this feature but certainly its of no great use, the sensor was not upto the mark, so can we expect iPhone to give better results?

Probably yes, iPhone 5s has been integrated with a state of the art capacitive fingerprint sensor into the home button only. Keeping the functionality to basic, this sensor has an silver ring which is encircling the sensor. It actually acts as a trigger to initiate the scan. Once its activated the sensor takes high quality photos of your fingers with different angles and the first layer beneath the dead skin is being scanned to perfection, the image that is rendered in is about 500ppi, which is pretty awesome.

To complete this setup, you need to follow some basic steps which are pretty easy to learn. iPhone 5s can remember 5 fingerprints of same person or five fingerprints of different person so that you can give access to family or friends.

The process is bit fussy but its effective and once all is done you will be able to repeat it very easily. The first step you need to do is to keep your fingers on the home button and iPhone will gather required information, after than it will ask you to place your finger in different angles, like rolling the fingers and moving it sideways and up-down motion.

Then you will be displayed with your fingerprints and you can also rename them to memorize which finger did you use. If your fingers are not recognized properly then probably you can use security code to get in. Although people prefer to use no security code when using iPhone, in my case I get frustrated with entering passwords again and again when downloading apps from App store. You can easily make your transactions without entering password with Touch ID you can save time and it will have an immense usage graph in near future.

It’s really a fun activity to use Touch ID and in near future you will not even remember what password are you using. Forgot those slide to unlock feature, just press the Home button and you are in, there is a question what will happen to unlock features when your fingers are wet or at humid conditions? Well, if your fingers are wet you will not be able to get in for sure, but in humid conditions it doesn’t give any problem. Actually it will exciting to see people using their toe instead to fingers. I am sure there is a funny video around the corner with iPhone 5s and opening with different body parts.



Apple has been making its camera to keep it simple and sweat all the time, with competitors going on and on with multiple options like – UltraPixels, ClearPixels, PureView and so on. But for people using Apple iPhones are pretty much satisfied with its working. The main variation in 5s came in larger pixel size and larger aperture, making the camera more sensitive in light.

iPhone 5s camera is not much different then the iPhone 5 in specs, but taking pictures and viewing the visible difference between shots will give you an idea about how does it make more clarity and sharpness in both daylight and night shots. Definitely the night shots are great then iPhone 5 picture taken with same place and time.

With features like auto image stabilization and sharpen shots by taking 4 pictures at a time, iPhone 5s has made an clear leap towards better imaging. The new ISP inside the Apple’s A7 chip has made camera features more responsive than ever. You can now take upto 10 images per second which is then being organized automatically in photostream with a folder in it. Which will give you images which are automatically adjusted with light, exposure, sharpness and face detection. The panning feature gives you adjusted exposure automatically now.

With the new built in dual-LED flash known as the True Tone, the flash is now white and amber making it give you more ambient colors and temperatures.

With Front camera now has an HD resolution it will give you pleasure doing the Facetime chats. 1.2 megapixel, 720p video capability and the new BSI sensor with large 1.9m px all together makes the front cam more better than ever before.