Netflix Rolling Out Policy to Shut Unused Accounts

Netflix is rolling out a policy that will save forgetful people money shutting down accounts that aren’t being used. The company is notifying users about inactive accounts and deleting subscriptions for those who don’t respond.

Users can reactivate their accounts within 10 months if they want to keep the same profile. Getting charged for under-the-radar account subscriptions, especially ones you no longer use, is always a nightmare.

That’s why The company is adopting an unexpected policy of canceling account subscriptions that have been inactive for more than two years.

The company announced Thursday it would notify users who haven’t watched anything in the past year if they would like to keep their account. Netflix will shut off users’ accounts who don’t respond.

The company’s new policy, far from the norm for subscription services, appears to be a relatively low-cost move that will undoubtedly foster goodwill among cord-cutters and help further differentiate the streaming platform from cable TV, which is notorious for unexpected fees.

Inactive accounts make up less than 0.5% of the company’s customer base a few hundred thousand accounts and dropping the reports has already been noted in its financial plans. Netflix counts itself among the businesses that are booming during the coronavirus pandemic. It remains a popular streaming option, not only because of its user-friendly policies such as ending unused subscriptions, but also its robust lineup of original content and its lack of commercials, which can save users the equivalent of nine days a year.

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