Internet Fax is Diminishing Boundaries & Providing Security

For any successful business, good communication is the backbone. When it comes to various types of communication that today’s businesses rely on, fax is still a very strong communication medium. Few of the new technologies like email have developed after fax, but they are still far away from challenging this paper-based technology.

Most of the communication mediums are now dependent on the Internet. This trend has become popular among both individual users and businesses. The Internet is now strongly supporting a variety of business needs, like traditional calling replaced by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Fax has also earned an honest appraisal in its standards because of the internet. Here we are going to talk about the new form of fax, “Internet Fax.”

What is Internet Fax?
Whether you call it as online fax, email-fax or e-fax, it sends fax documents over on IP (Internet Protocol) supported network in place of a traditional telephone line. This ability allows the fax to be sent and received just like emails on computer or devices that support emails.
This has eliminated the requirement of the machine, altogether.

In most cases, the received fax is in PDF format. Sending documents with e-fax is quite similar with composing and sending an email. All you need to do is to attach the PDF files that are required to be sent and mention the fax number in place of the email address of the receiver.

Advantages of e-Fax

Talking about the advantages of e-Fax, listed below are the top benefits of e-Fax over traditional Fax.

1. Free of Hardware
As there is no requirement of a machine, e-fax has a definite advantage over traditional fax machine and its limitations and other issues such as maintenance issue, busy machine message, etc.

2. Easy Setup
In the case of the businesses which utilize VoIP service for their telephonic communication, setting up e-fax is quite an easy task. One has to add an email address or list of email addresses with the fax number for receiving the email.

3. Pocket Fax
With e-fax at your disposal, you can easily send and receive the faxes from/on mobile phones. This makes the access and availability of the documents at anytime, anywhere even in the case when there is no fax line.

4. Lose Nothing
E-fax enhances the fax service without any limitation and brings down the cost significantly
Another salient feature is that in case any error occurs, the documents can be easily reproduced.

Cost of E-Fax
Some providers offer e-fax service as a single service with their prices varying to a considerable extent. Most of the experts suggest that Internet Fax is better being used along with a complete VoIP based and hosted PBX service which is known to reduce the bills on business phones. As it is a simple task to set up e-Fax on the hosted PBX, many service providers offer this service at no additional cost.