Free Course for Coding by Microsoft

Free Microsoft course

Are you interested in coding an app? However, you are facing the problem of no coding experience? Then not to worry Microsoft is here to help you.

Windows is offering the facility of teaching video lessons for an ‘absolute beginner’ series. Anyone who wants to learn how to code a Windows 10 app can quickly learn through this series.

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More precisely, it is a series of creating a platform for Universal Windows apps. That helps anyone who wants to work potentially on a variety of devices. This device includes phones, tablets, PCs, Xbox, Raspberry Pi, and HoloLens.

It says Microsoft recommends that you should have some basic understanding of coding in C#. So, before learning the code of Windows 10 app, it suggests you first to check out its C# Fundamentals series.

This course is divided into two parts.

First one is for learning the basic skills for creating simple apps. Afterward is for creating four separate full-fledged apps:

  • When someone taps to a tile, it offers a soundboard to play funny sounds.
  • There is a weather app that does as per your expectation, with some maps functions too.
  • An album of a cover matching game.
  • Including Cortana integration, there is an encyclopedia of Marvel characters.

This lesson plan covers everything from beginning to the final steps. It starts from beginning and its final step is to submit the code to the Windows Store.

Although there is lots of coding resources are available on the Web. That is why it is hard to find out a free resource that can completely cover the lessons from beginners to endings.

There you can give Kudos to Microsoft. Besides, this Microsoft can recruit as many potential coders as possible.