Apple Pay may eventually work on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox in iOS 16

Apple Pay could finally be consistent with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox in iOS 16.

Apple Pay worked with Edge and Chrome in the iOS 16 beta 4 and shared his findings on Twitter.

Moser’s screenshots show a “Continue with Apple Pay” option on Apple’s checkout page when utilizing Edge. Unfortunately, Apple Pay only works in Safari on iOS 15 and older, controlling you from using any other browser if you want to pay with Apple Pay when shopping on the web.

Although Moser doesn’t mention Firefox, other users noticed Apple Pay compatibility with the browser before the release of iOS 16 beta 4. A post on Reddit from earlier this month offers an option to pay with Apple Pay in iOS 16 beta 2 while using Firefox.

Another user on iOS 16 beta 3 says they have the opportunity to pay with Apple Pay on Firefox as well. We’re not sure when Apple started expanding support for Apple Pay and to which browsers. Apple didn’t instantly respond to The Verge’s request for comment.

Apple Pay still isn’t available in the latest macOS beta, however. As Moser notes, this is likely because Chrome, Edge, and Firefox all use Safari’s rendering engine, WebKit, on iOS due to Apple’s requirements. Third-party browsers can use their engines on macOS, so we might not see support for Apple Pay outside Safari on Macs anytime soon.

But Apple’s change of heart on iOS might be related to the European Union’s plans to crack down on big tech’s anticompetitive practices. The Digital Markets Act is set to go into effect in the spring of 2023. It imposes rules on large companies, like Apple, Meta, and Google to promote competition with smaller entities.

A draft of the new legislation brought by The Register goes explicitly after companies that force app creators to use their rendering engines.

While this change could suggest that Apple’s at least attempting to bend to the upcoming rules, the business isn’t likely to go down without a fight — it incurred millions in fees before complying with the Netherlands’ regulations on in-app payment systems in Dutch dating apps.