Apple AirPods Max: Features Removed due to Dev Problems

Apple AirPods Max rumours that many features have been removed due to development difficulties.

Apple unveiled its first over-ear headphones, AirPods Max, on December 8th, as rumoured. While the price of nearly 670 USD including tax and the weight of 384g has become a hot topic compared to rival headphones mainly Sony’s WH-1000XM4. In fact, many functions were omitted due to difficulty in development.

In April of this year, Bloomberg reported rumours that Apple would launch wireless headphones later this year. Initially tentatively called AirPods Studio, speculation emerged that there were development and production issues, and it wasn’t announced at the three Apple events between September and November.

Even so, in September, an image called a photo of AirPods Studio leaked out, which made us feel that the release is imminent. However, on the other hand, there was information that some functions were cut because there was a big problem in manufacturing, and even shipment by December was in jeopardy.

Bloomberg initially expected the AirPods Max to have interchangeable ear pads and headbands, which could be customized as if it were an Apple Watch band. However, at the end of October, it informed the observation that “the size of the large touch panel planned for the side of the headphones will be reduced, and there is a high possibility that the replaceable headband that fits the initial concept will disappear.”

Besides, regarding AirPods Max, it was expected that there would be a “neck detection” function that automatically switches the left and right, and a function that automatically switches the left and right of the sound. There were rumours that there were two types, a sports type and a luxury type. However, it’s all off.

Conversely, the “cheap” sports type has not yet been announced and may have been set aside as a hidden ball. When it will come, the price is predicted to be 349 dollars, and will be competing products such as WH-1000XM4, then it may be talked about again.