AirTamer A310: Your wearable air purifier 24/7

If you have seen Congress MP Shashi Tharoor or Bollywood actor Yami Gautam wearing a gadget around their neck, do not mistake it for a smartphone as it is a wearable air purifier to protect people against airborne viruses and air pollution.

The pandemic has led to an accelerated adoption of countless gadgets and tech-enabled services in India and here comes a wearable air purifier called AirTamer that is finding good traction among those who have to venture out during the severe air pollution.

Priced at Rs 9,999, it works on advanced ionic technology and emits negative ions to purify the air that you may breathe in.

We used this wearable air purifier for a while. Let’s see how it fared.

This wearable air purifier is extremely easy to use with just an on and off button.

There is a light at the back of the wearable air purifier and a green LED will let you know that the device is on and turns red when it is being charged.

The beautiful design makes it lighter, smaller and easy to carry.

Also, you can just easily charge it with the provided USB cable and can use it continuously for more than a week.

For those who are looking for maximum safety in these times, AirTamer can be the real game changer.

AirTamer A310 works on advanced ionic technology in which two million ions are emitted per second from the tiny black brush at the top.

The ions upon releasing get attached to the pollutants, viruses, smoke particles, dust, etc. and pass their negative charge onto them.

While travelling in a metro, working in offices or even visiting marketplaces, due to its compact metallic design, it can be easily worn around the neck as a necklace.

The device must be worn as close to the mouth. After using it in various ways, the device did perform efficiently. It is likely to protect users from several seasonal allergies.

Unlike regular air purifiers with HEPA technology, it has no filter to be replaced or cleaned which makes it an extremely user-friendly device with zero maintenance, the company claimed.

Also, there is no built-in fan or motor in this air purifier which makes it noiseless.

The device is comfortable, light, effective, with excellent battery life. It will indeed make you breathe cleaner air.

Conclusion: Those with a low-immune system and respiratory issues, this wearable air purifier can be the perfect choice to remain safe during this pandemic from airborne viruses.

With MP3 players like style and easy to wear around the neck, AirTamer A310 is your personal and wearable air purifier — to help fight air pollution on the go.