How To Stay Positive

Life offers up-down, and sometimes it is a complete mess. It is very typical to feel low during tough times. However, human nature is to hold certain feelings and drain our energy. We fill our mind with negative thinking, our souls and hearts with emotion and subject our bodies to an unhealthy environment and lifestyle. 

Positive thinking declutters the mess, gives you a purpose, raises hope and shapes your life so that you can improve your physical health, reduce stress and live peacefully.

When you focus on positive, you know what you want in your life and what steps you need to take to get it. You are happy, become prosperous, healthy, and gain control of your life mostly.

Nevertheless, how to bring positive energy into your life. 

I accept that being positive all the time is not easy, but it is possible. With little effort, you can train your mind to focus on the uplifting thoughts and soon it will become a habit.

Tips to Positive Thinking

  1. Be Aware of Your General Thoughts – The first step is to analyse your thoughts. 

Are you mostly complaining, blaming or condemning? 

Do you see life as a struggle?

Are your experiences at the mercy of external influences such as family obligations, job, financial status, education, government or your boss?

You are not alone if you have such thoughts. However, now that you have acknowledged your negative thoughts, you need to understand the fact that our thoughts have the power to influence reality. Our mind is obsessed with negative thoughts, but more we visualise these thoughts more are their chances to turn into reality. This is why we need to throw them away. Stay conscious, and whenever you catch your mind concentrating and generating negative thoughts, divert your attention towards peace. Once our mind is filled with positivity, we become more logical towards life. 

2. Watch your Reaction – It is our response that determines the outcome of any event. Look for a positive response even when the adverse event takes place.

3. Respect your Body– The way you treat your body, the way your mind works. You become what you eat. Many times, we elevate our emotional burden of eating unhealthy junk food. An unhealthy diet makes you feel physically weighed down. When you clean your body by eating nutritious food rich in fibres and nutrients, you also clear your mind.

4. Transform the Living Space – To regain your energy, you need a peaceful environment. A clean and safe space is significant to rest, relax and store mental balance.

5. Be Grateful – Appreciate what you have instead of concentrating on what you want.

We spent most of our time comparing ourselves with others and listing things we do not have. Focusing on things that others have, but you do not will make you less grateful. Remember, desires give birth to negative thoughts and blinds us from succeeding. Focus on what you have because they are sufficient for you to achieve the goal.  Make a habit of thanking the universe every night for things you have in your life before sleeping.

6. The Power of Positive Affirmation– Repeat affirmations or positive phrases to get rid of negative thoughts. Affirmations motivate you and increase a positive attitude.

7. Find Good in Everything that surrounds you – Every situation and people around you have both good and evil in them. If you focus on finding good in every situation and the person, you will find it, and this will make you a cheerful person. 

8. Stop Being Victimized – There will always be difficulties in life. When you encounter any problem instead of laying the victim acknowledge the situation and take charge. Even if results are not at par, take responsibility for your action and learn from your own mistakes.

9. Stop Dwelling on Negatives – Do not talk about what bad happened in the past anymore, as it will give energy to your negative thoughts. If there is nothing you can do to improve any situation, stop thinking about it as it will only drain your energy. All this may take some effort and time, but it is possible if you force yourself to think about something else. 

10. Be Optimistic – The essential step is to adopt an optimistic mind-set. You can learn this quality. Optimists have a different approach to deal with the world. They focus their mind on what they want in their life and on the ways to get it. Their goals are clear, and they are confident that eventually, they will accomplish the goal. Even in difficult times, optimists look for the good in their problem. One more quality of optimist people is that in every setback they seek for a valuable lesson instead of getting upset and blaming others. Learning from a lousy experience helps you to take control of emotion.

11. Surround Yourself with Positive People – Your company matters. If you spend most of the time with constant complainers, negatively rubs you off. When you accompany friends and family members with a positive attitude and habits, you unknowingly inculcate their behaviours and thoughts.

12. Do Not Take Anything Granted – Often we take our friends and family granted. We do not value the money we have. We think there is always a tomorrow spend time with our loved ones and do want we cherish. Nevertheless, the truth is we do not have plenty of time to get back in touch with old friends or even time to find and spend with new ones. Today you have money, but you may not have it tomorrow. Your family and parents are with you today but may not be with you tomorrow. Nothing in life is guaranteed. So appreciate people around you and spend time with them. Live for today, stay in moment and create new memories.

13. Manage Negative Emotions – Your feelings are your choice. It is on us whether to hold or forgive. To fear or be active. To love or to hate. To support or be jealous. To respect or to disrespect.  To be kind or mean. It is on us to maintain peace and smile in every situation.

Negative emotions are tough to deal with. They will hurt only you and will worsen your situation and others attitude towards you. If negative emotions are not managed, they control you, destroy relations and becomes a hurdle in your goal accomplishment.

Release grudges, resentments, hurt, disappointments, anger, guilt and sadness.

Clear negative emotions and fill yourself with love, warmth, trust, forgiveness and kindness.

You cannot control the reaction, feelings and emotions of others, but you can control yourself.

14. Love Yourself – Give yourself compliments. Acknowledge your positive qualities. Accept the way you are.

15. Read Inspirational Materials – Spend time in reading spiritual books and inspirational quotes that encourage positive thoughts.

To live a life better than average inculcate the above steps and develop positive thinking that will change your attitude towards yourself, life and people around you.