Why Garnier BB Cream is Best For You?

Garnier BB Cream

Makeup is a very important tool in the daily routine beauty arsenal of any woman’s life. We talk about makeup way too often but let’s just know what does makeup actually mean?

As Merriam Webster says, Makeup is a cosmetic device, which is used to add colour to our faces and prettify it. Makeup is also used on different parts of our bodies like arms and legs to enhance it or to contour it.

Makeup industry is highly growing because people all around the globe are demanding products, which uniquely fit their own selves. Colour palettes are being produced which fit specific skin types, and even specific ages.


Gone are the days when makeup was considered artificial. These days makeup is just a language to portray oneself and enhance the way one looks. Sometimes it is used to hide our imperfections or sometimes only to feel more confident. Makeup is a way to set the mood in which we want to remain for the rest of the day.

Considering the makeup divestiture, a woman can carry a sultry look by choosing a red tone of the lipstick, a princess like look by going in for a pinkish and cute look and can also opt for a neutral look by putting on a neutral look. This neutral look has been gaining immense popularity since the recent times because it is easier to achieve and has been used by a lot of Hollywood celebs lately.

The popularity of this look was the reason why the BB cream became famous. We have all used a BB cream in our makeup routines. BB cream is a short form for Blemish Balm, Blemish base, or Beauty Balm. It was developed in the 1960s by a German dermatologist. We have a lot of companies to choose our BB cream from.


The best and the most trusted company for it is Garnier. It was one of the first companies in Asia to come up with a trusted and safe BB cream. It has maintained its standard ever since. Garnier’s BB cream is an all in one facial cosmetic product which replaces the cumbersome routine of applying serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunscreen for once and for all.


The Garnier BB cream is a cruelty-free vegan cream which means that no animals were hurt or no animal testing was done while making this product. The Garnier BB cream also claims that it brightens, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. A pea-sized amount of this BB cream used daily results in a flawless looking skin.

  • Garnier BB cream’s best feature is its blending capacity. It blends into the skin very perfectly.
  • It has Vitamin C derivative which is renowned for its antioxidant properties.
  • This BB cream also has a high yet effective SPF 24 which protects our skin from harmful UV rays.
  • The Garnier BB cream is priced at Rs 199 for 40gms.
  • It has a watery and runny texture which provides quick miniaturization.

It is a good option if one wants a sheer and subtle-makeup like look, yet have the perks of a flawless looking skin.