Eight Ways To Tighten Sagging Breast

Sagging Breast

Many people say that looks do not matter but in heart, everyone desires to have an appearance, which is entrancing. The first thing that a person notices in another is the body figure. This is the reason that everybody wants to be fit and curvy.

For a woman, breast is a very crucial part of the body because it enhances oneís appearance. Earlier women desired to have round and bigger breast but now the preference has shifted from amplitude to altitude. The most prevailing problem of the breast is breast sagging.

Breast sagging

Now the question arises what is breast sagging? Breast sagging basically means to lose the firmness or elasticity of breast. This change in a woman is very common because of the reasons that cause it canít be avoided or neglected.

Problems caused by saggy breasts

Saggy breasts do cause a lot of problems in women and some of the common problems are:

  • Gravitational pull
  • Weight gain
  • Smoking
  • Sunburn
  • Increasing age
  • Deficiency of proper support
  • Breastfeeding

There are even more effects but the mentioned above are the most common. Some of them can be controlled but there are even few which we canít avoid i.e. they are not in our control.

Measures to prevent sagginess

Here are some of the tips to prevent sagginess of your breast and keep them healthy!

  • Exercise– exercise is good for both health and maintaining the body in shape. In order to improve your appearance, you should focus on exercise, which concentrates on the chest. The few that I know are push-ups, chest press, and squats. These exercises will help you to regain the elasticity of breast when done properly.
  • Massage– this treatment to cure sagging breast is loved by all because it both relaxes and serves your purpose for which you are doing it. The recommended oils for breast massage are a vegetable oil, olive oil, fennel seed oil and carrot oil. For quick and effective result, perform this task for 15 minutes thrice a day.
  • Boost your intake of fluid– the benefits of water are known to everyone and this elixir of life even helps in retaining the elasticity of the skin. It is advised to drink 63oz of water every day to keep your body firm and hydrated.
  • Wear a supportive bra– this is very important to keep your breast in shape. During exercise, it is recommended to wear a sports bra because it helps in preventing the damage caused to ligaments and breast is made up of the same.
  • Ice massage– this is something really different and unknown to many. This treatment is loved when performed in summers. Ice is very cold thus it contracts the skin tissues keeping the breast firm and healthy. Take a cloth and put 3-4 pieces of ice cubes in it and massage for 15 minutes. Do this twice a day.
  • Aloe Vera gel- This gel has skin tightening property hence prevents the breast from sagging. Apply this amazing gel on your breast in a circular motion for 9-10 minutes daily and notice the change.
  • Breast lift treatment– this is only done when the breast has lost complete firmness and it is difficult to retain back the shape with exercise or massage.
  • Laser treatment– it is a non-surgical treatment, which involves cost more than the methods mentioned above. It is not bad but is opted by a few people. This keeps the breast in shape by boosting the production of collagen.