Tips for looking beautiful this summer


We all want to look our best in summer, especially on vacation. Whether or not you have the bikini body of your dreams, there are little things we can all do to ensure that we look our best when the heat is on. Bringing out the best in your skin and hair will give you the edge whatever youíre doing. With these tips, youíll look and feel good on the beach, in the water, on the promenade and on the dancefloor Ė all day and all night long.

Protect your skin

The first thing you need to think about when youíre going out in the sun is protection. This isnít just about fending off skin cancer Ė it also helps to prevent premature aging of the skin. Make sure you use a sunscreen thatís strong enough to protect your skin and apply it to every part of your body thatís going to be exposed, topping it up as required. If youíre going to be swimming, make sure you use a water resistant one. There are lots of non-greasy options available now that wonít interfere with your overall look. You should also use an after-sun treatment on any red or itchy patches that develop.

Nourish your skin

No matter how carefully you shield it, exposing your skin to the sun is still going to cause it stress so moisturizing is more important than ever. A build-up of sweat during the day can cause problems with acne so you should wash and cleanse your skin last thing at night using a product designed to draw out excess oil Ė citrusy products are good at this and make you feel thoroughly refreshed. Apply an overnight moisturizer designed to replenish your skinís essential nutrients while you sleep. In the morning, massage aloe vera into your skin before applying sunscreen. this will provide you with moisture over the course of the day and keep your skin looking soft and fresh. Donít use oil-based products in the daytime because theyíll make you more likely to burn.

Care for your hair

Hot sun also dehydrates hair and can damage the scalp where hair is thin. The best way to protect your hair is to wear a hat or scarf. If itís long and canít all be covered, or if you want to swim, use a sunscreen spray specially designed for hair. To look after it in the long term, check out these helpful videos on how to use the Viabrance system, a collection of products which work together to repair damaged hair and trigger new, stronger hair growth. Your hair will not only look better, it will also be more effective at protecting your scalp.

Shave sensibly

Itís great to have good looking legs when youíre on the beach but as the sun can be particularly rough on freshly shaved skin, you should shave well before you go out on summer days. Donít use oil-based shaving lotions within two hours of going into the sun. If youíre waxing you wonít need to wait as long. If youíre using electrolysis you wonít need to wait at all unless youíve started doing it only recently and suffer from sunburn-like symptoms afterwards.

Choose the right make-up

In hot weather, when youíre sweating more and wearing more lotions, make-up has a tendency to slide. Sticking to cream eye shadows rather than powders, and using waterproof mascara, helps to reduce this problem. Lip stains are more reliable than thick, creamy lipsticks. Alternatively, you can use a light, moisturizing lipstick with an inbuilt filter to shield your lips from UV rays. Rather than using blusher, use a light tint or a fine dusting of glitter to highlight your cheekbones.

Summer style

Every summer brings different fashion trends but there are certain style elements that will always work in your favor. Wide-brimmed hats to protect you from the sun and sunglasses to protect your eyes are practical and can easily be selected to flatter your outfit. Shirts with wide, loose sleeves in lightweight but UV-resistant materials will keep you cool while shielding your skin. Long skirts, sarongs or culottes are ideal when you want to cover up your legs for a casual look that still allows air to circulate around your skin.

Taking care of your body, skin and hair like this will guarantee that you look your best throughout the summer months while staying safe and preserving your looks over the long term. When youíre confident about your appearance you can really make the most of the season.