Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Hair From Thinning

Hair From Thinning

Do you feel like your hair is starting to look and feel slightly thinner? If you once had thick and luxurious hair but now it seems thin and flat, you are probably concerned about losing additional strands of hair and dealing with even more thinning. If you want to make sure your hair looks thick, full, and healthy, there are some beneficial tips and tricks that will help you grow your hair in fuller while preventing additional hair loss.

Take Hair Vitamins

Losing strands of hair could be a sign that you are not getting enough of the essential vitamins you need to have to get your hair and nails to grow in longer. If you are not eating healthy enough or simply are not getting enough servings of the foods that contain these vitamins, you should start taking hair vitamins. There are several different brands of hair vitamins on the market and many of these vitamins for hair include vitamin E, vitamin C, and Biotin, all of which promote healthy hair growth while keeping the scalp and hair follicles in better condition.

Because there are different types of hair care vitamins on the market, you may have the option of purchasing chewable vitamins or even gummy vitamins that taste good and make such an impact on the condition of your hair. If you are not taking these vitamins, you should start checking out reviews of the different brands and then buy a container of them.

Stop Pulling Your Hair So Tight

Do you often pull your hair back in tight buns and ponytails? If you are pulling your strands too tight, you could end up suffering from tension hair loss and thinning, which could even lead to bald spots on specific areas of the scalp, especially around the crown of your head. While you may be used to wearing your hair up and out of your face, you will need to focus on trying out new styles that are not going to cause nearly as much tension to the strands of your hair.

You can still keep your hair up and out of your face without pulling it up too tight. For example, you can put it in a loose braid, a low messy bun, or even clip it up behind your head without pulling it into an elastic in the first place. It even helps to wear your hair down more often to give your hair follicles time to rest instead of pulling on them, even though there are times when you simply may feel a bit too hot to wear your hair out.

Use Coconut Oil on Your Hair

Coconut oil is a great product to use on the hair for several reasons. It is completely natural and contains fatty acids that are good for the scalp. It is the kind of product you can apply on your hair from top to bottom because it is so beneficial. Applying it to the scalp while gently massaging the scalp is a great way to encourage more hair growth so that additional strands of hair can replace the pieces of hair that may have already fallen out. However, it is good to apply it to the rest of the hair to keep it hydrated and soft so that it does not look like straw.

You can use coconut oil regularly. Some people like to apply it generously to their scalp and all over their hair and then sit with it for several hours before rinsing it out in the shower. While that is one great way to use the coconut oil to get your hair to grow in fuller and remain healthy, you can apply it to your scalp regularly while you style your hair, using it as a natural styling product instead of using those products on your hair that may be a bit too harsh and damaging.

Avoid Using Too Many Chemicals

Another reason you could be experiencing hair thinning is because you have used way too many chemicals on your hair. If you have colored your hair a lot at home and have gone through the bleaching process several times throughout the span of a year, your hair is going to become damaged and some of it may start falling out. Different types of chemical treatments can cause the hair to thin out, such as perms and relaxers. While there is nothing wrong with using a chemical product here and there to change the color or texture of your hair, you should not be using too many chemicals or else your hair will suffer and will become brittle, thin, and dry.

Try Using Lavender Essential Oil

Over the past decade, the use of essential oils in the United States has become more prevalent. Many people swear by the use of different types of essential oils to help with all different kinds of problems, including hair thinning. If you are interested in taking a natural approach to preventing hair thinning and getting the hair to grow back in faster, you may want to try using rosemary essential oil around the scalp while doing a scalp massage for a few minutes at a time. Rosemary essential oil is a top choice because it is known for stimulating the hair follicles, getting them to grow in rather quickly.

If your hair is thinning, you may be feeling insecure about the way your hair looks. While it was once thick, full, and beautiful, you may feel like it now falls flat and looks way too thin. While thinning of the hair can happen, there are different tips and tricks that can keep additional strands from falling out while promoting the growth of new hair. If you want to get your hair to grow back in so that you can enjoy that feeling of beautiful, thick hair once again, try out these tips and tricks because they do work. Many of these techniques rely on the use of natural products that are affordable and easy to find!