Long Hairstyles for Men We All Want to Copy

Long Hairstyles for Men

Today’s long hairstyles for men have come a long way. They started with those scraggly ponytails, and now we have more advanced styles. All the hairstyles we have here are exclusively for men with long hair.

From shoulder length hair to back-sweeping locks, these fresh long hairstyles for men are worth trying this year. They are cool and fresh styles. Take a look and choose one ideal for your skin colour and hair type.

  • Long Sweep Back.

If you are looking for a slicked back haircut, this one will give you the best place to start your journey. This slicked back haircut is still trending since 2017, and everyone loves it. As the name suggests, the hair is swept back with both texture and volume. It is achieved by using a matte product on your hair and then sweeping it to the back starting at the crown to the back.

  • Surfer Hair.

We are seeing messier haircuts this year, and it is almost becoming like a trend. In fact, messy styles are common long hairstyles for men this year. This haircut can be achieved easily. The secret to getting it is the use of a salt spray to add definition and volume.

  • Curly High-Top Style.

The high top is among some of the popular long hairstyles for men. Besides the classic flat top look, the curlier style appears great when you include a low mid bald fade.

  • Tousled Long Hair and Taper.

The 90s haircuts influence this hairstyle. However, it has incorporated a few aspects to appear more modern. The hair is kept long with a taper on the sides of the head. The look is messy enough, and the slicked back adding a twist of fringe on either side. It is achieved by blow-drying your hair and finishing it with a texturizing product to improve texture and hold.

  • Chin Length Style for Men.

Side parting appears great on most hairstyles, but this haircut appears great with it. Rather, the hair is styled backward where the parting should be done. Excellent.

  • Afro Hairstyle.

Afro is an excellent way to style black hair. The style appears more like a mushroom than the common rounded profile.

  • Samurai Bun and Drop Fade.

Since its inception many years ago, the man bun is still brazing the heads of many men thanks to its easy and elegant way of wearing it. This classic version incorporates long hair on the top and a cute drop fade on the sides. The small samurai bun shows the unique shape of the fade. Starting from the front, the hair is then pulled back slightly to add volume to the entire style.

  • Tousled Slicked Back.

This is one of the best long hairstyles for men in 2019. It is a clean style for men. The haircut is effortless to style, and you just need to choose the right product to use on your hair type. It can be styled using your fingers.

  • Long Hair and Low Fade.

The most preferred aspect about fade hairstyles is that they can be incorporated in any haircuts for men. This beautiful style features a low fade and the long hair that is worn on one side to show off the shaved temple.

  • Low Man Bun.

There are a variety of subtle modifications on the man bun that you can opt for. This man bun is messy and involves sweeping the hair back and holding it with an elastic band. Some loose strands are left free to fall on the sides.

  • Long Hair with A Part.

This is a good example of long hairstyles for men. The combination of long hair and a part pairs together so well and if you toss a scarf in the mix, you get a ridiculously cute look.

 The side part is a more modern look and looks great for most face shapes.