Five best toner for oily skin


Are you suffering from an oily skin?

Are you finding your skin to be dehydrated with large pores and cracks?

Are you not getting any remedy to all these skin problems that are demeaning your glow and confidence?

Well, skin varies from person to person, and we all know this particle cover is more expressive in the facial region. In fact, your skin says which your mouth canít like when you are happy, your skin glows while if you are sad, your skin will darken. So, skin helps us in a lot more things than what is written in the books.

Taking care of the skin is not just a responsibility anymore. Rather it has now become one of the most important things to be included in the daily schedule. This is why maintaining the skinís structure, water content, tone, and even the softness seem to be more important than anything else. Apart from having a proper diet, taking care externally is very much important and thatís where the toners come into the forefront.

Why are skin toners used?

Skin toners are basically a mixture of many products including essential oils, herbal items and other solvents, the maximum percentage being that of water. All these things keep the skin supple, hydrated and help in maintaining the proper pH balance of the skin.

Not only this, toners are also used in cleaning the pores and ridding the skin of germs, dust and dirt particles stuck in its depth.

If you havenít used a toner yet, then you will never find the answers to the questions asked above. Itís time to rekindle that glow in your skin so that you can fall with yourself all over again!

What are the best toners that you can buy?

When it comes to the skin, no compromise can be allowed, be it in the price, the quality or the brand. This is why we have listed down some of the best toners, which you can try out, depending on what you need.

  1. Lotus Herbals Basiltone toner

Basil leaf and the cucumber mixture of this toner helps in cleaning the pores of the dirt and the microbes, making the skin look healthy. It also helps in regulating the pH of the skin along with tightening the skin pores.

  1. Joves cucumber skin toner

Cucumber is rich in Vitamin C that keeps the skin fresh and prevents any swells or inflammations. Joves cucumber skin toner is best for skin cell regeneration and for making the skin look even with no bumps.

  1. Líoreal hydra fresh instant freshness toning water

The three main constituents of this hydrating toner- beta hydroxy, Hydra-claryl†and the French spa water- help in making the skin alive once again and restore the proper water balance.

  1. Nivea Visage oil regulating toner

This toner has a soft and sensational aroma because of the essential oils in it. This toner is good for maintaining the oil percentage in your face along with cleansing the pores gently.

  1. Kaya skin clinic acne free skin purifying toner

This toner is specially formulated with rich floral components like that of rose, witch†gazel†and cucumber to work on the skin and make the dermis healthy from within.