Five Best Eye Shadow Palette in India


The most beautiful part of a female is her eyes, not because they are usually the epitome of beauty but because eyes are the pools of their secrets, their emotions and their inner desires. Its a natural power of a female to show her emotions through her eyes. If she is angry you will know her through the glares, if she is happy, her eyes will twinkle and so on. And perhaps this is the reason why makeup artists from across the world try to make the eyes more prominent and enhance the beauty of the orbs.

Starting from eyeliner to long, curved artificial lashes, a lot of things are there to add details to the eyes. However, one main thing, which actually enhances the curvature and makes the eyes stand out, is the eye shadow.

It’s a mixture of mica and talc mainly, available in different colours and textures that are used worldwide to make dramatic looks. The application of contrasting colours lends you different looks, starting from a neutral look, cute look or even a bold look. Some like to have smoky eyes and for that, a dark shade of the eye shadow is preferred while for some, the neutral or the light shades do the work.

In India, you will get many ranges of eye shadows, with both matte and shimmering textures and of varying colours. Some famous makeup companies like Lakme, Faces, mainly design these and so on.

If you are still confused about what to buy the next time you visit a makeup shop, then here are some examples of the best Indian eye shadows.

Lakme 9 to 5 Quartet in Tanjore Rush

The 9 to 5 collection of India’s most favourite makeup brand, Lakme comprises of some of the best makeup shades. Even the eye shadow palette of 9 to 5 range is quite compatible for the Indian complexion, coming in four different colours in a square shaped box. The smooth texture is what makes this palette more enhancing and is now available in three different colour shades.

The Nudes of Maybelline

Nudes have always been a favourite colour gradient for women and Maybelline’s nudes eye shadow palette is no less. Consisting of 12 neutral shades, you will get both shimmering and matte textures, with the white and the black sitting at the extremes. It is perfect for establishing a blending look, especially for evening parties.

Revolutions Matte magic with ultra eye shadows

Another neutral palette that is apt for your makeup box is from Revolutions brand. There are thirty-two different matte shades including white, black, browns and pinks of probable shades. You can definitely use this to introduce ranging looks, some bold while some cute.

Lakme Absolute Illuminating eye shadow palette

The illuminating eye shadow palette of Lakme Absolute range comes in two forms- the golden palette with shades perfect for a day out and a silver palette with shades apt for the night parties. Each palette has six shades in both satin and shimmers, making the perfect eye shadow palette for functions and weddings.

Maybelline Diamond Glow eye shadow palette

This eye shadow palette by Maybelline consists of four shimmering colours that will look best if you want to add some extra glow to your eyes. You will have both powder and cream textures in the palette, making it suitable for every look.