Five best breast tightening oils


How we portray ourselves on the outside often says a lot about what kind of a person we actually are. Looks donít necessarily define our personality but it sure as hell does leave a first impression. In a world full of competitive people hustling for even the smallest things, each and every aspect is brought into consideration, when it comes to judgment.

Being a woman, small things play a major role in our personality development. How we carry our informal and formal wears, how we add a tint of freshness to our daily routine, how we use makeup to enhance our favourite features- all these form crucial questions.

The beauty of breasts

Breasts are an extremely significant part of a woman’s life. And taking care of one’s breasts can enhance sharply the way a woman looks. It should here be noted that having loose and sagged breasts can have a bad effect on one’s appearance. It can make one look older than reality. And letís get real, who wants to look bad on the outside? Using chemicals on the body to tighten one’s breasts has proven to have certain side effects. So using oils to accomplish this task is by far the safest and most result giving method. Oils make the breasts rounder and stiffer thus making them look more attractive.

Breast tightening oils

Here are some of the best oils for breast tightening

  • Almond Oil– One of the best oil for breast tightening is almond oil because it contains fatty acids and many antioxidants. This oil when massaged, give nourishment to the breasts and thus keep them supple yet stiff. Almond Oil is known to boost blood circulation, and this, in turn, helps the breasts to get tight naturally. Two to three spoons of almond oil should be taken daily and should be massaged on the breasts in a circular motion. Leave this oil overnight to be absorbed in the skin and then wash in the morning.
  • Oil from Soybean seeds– Oil extracted from Soybean seeds are also a very trusted source to get rounder and tighter breasts. It is claimed that these oils produce estrogen which plays a vital role in the development of rounder breasts. It is also believed by many a woman that regular use of oils from soybean seeds helps in increasing the size. So if that perk is also demanded then this oil is the best option.
  • Fenugreek oil– Noticeably proved successful in increasing the skin on the breasts, Fenugreek oil is also known for its lightening properties. This oil should be mixed with ginger oil and should be applied and massaged on the breasts for around 3 minutes. The process should be repeated for 3 times in a week.
  • Clove oil– Just like almond oil, Clove oil also contains properties which increase blood circulation this result in breast tightening. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil also help in reducing the soreness of the breasts which is often found in any woman.
  • Primrose oil– The exclusive skin rejuvenating properties of this oil help in keeping the breast skin supple and firm. It is advised for women having loose skin. If one has sensitive skin then it should be mixed with almond oil for best results.