10 Facial kits for Men

VLCC diamond facial kit

Just like women, men also love being coddled. In today’s world, men are becoming more conscious about their own skin deep beauty; after all that’s what helps them to become more confident and bold.

Dullness, scars, dark circles and dehydration are the problems that are faced by men too. It is the fortune of men that they have a lot of skin care products available in the market, but the most effective and admired the choice of people is the facial kit.

Now, the question arises about this kit. What exactly is a facial kit?

Facial kit is a collection of products, which make your skin healthy, clean and fresh. Among the various different brands available in the market, here is the list of 10 best branded facial kits

  • Jovees skin rejuvenation fruit facial kit

This kit has 6 products and each product composes of herbs that will refresh your skin. The fruity ingredients in this kit are papaya, avocado, banana, and apple. It is advised to refrigerate this kit for 30 minutes if you want to have more added benefits.

  • Shahnaz Husain 24-carat gold facial kit

This brand is very old and has maintained a good image in the market. The kit is very popular and is used in many parlours. It has 4 containers-scrub, cream, gel, and a mask, all of whose combined actions helps in making the skin vibrant and luminous.

  • VLCC party glow single facial kit

This kit specifically adds the freshness to your skin. Its very easy to use and is mostly applied before going somewhere because it gives the glow instantly. It hydrates and moisturizes the skin making it bright. The best part of this kit is that it can be used multiple times and is even priced less.

  • Lotus herbals natural glow radiance facial kit

This kit has 5 sachets that can be used many times. The most admired part of this kit is that it is travel-friendly and is suitable for all kinds of skin. The purpose of this kit is to deep clean the skin and make you fairer.

  • VLCC diamond facial kit

This kit can be used only once but it cleans your face like a diamond. This kit is mostly used by people who have normal or dry skin. It gives the skin a look that is nourishing, moisture intact and youthful. It contains scrub, lotion, gel, and mask.

  • Khadi natural mini facial kit

This kit is for both men and women. The best ingredient of this kit is papaya. This kit gives you the skin that is smooth, soft and glowing. This kit helps in preventing aging.

  • Oxy glow fruit facial kit

This cream is most suitable to men that have rough and acne prone skin. This kit has 6 products- cleanser, scrub, 2 cream, mask, and serum and makes the skin smooth.

  • Shahnaz Husain diamond facial kit

This kit detoxifies the skin, purifies skin and increases blood circulation. It is best for people having a combination of dry and oily skin. It has 4 containers and is recommended to be used once every month.

  • Adishi Gold Shimmer Powder Facial Kit For Men

This kit is herbal i.e. without chemicals and has 5 powder containers. This kit helps in restoring the pH balance of the skin and even makes the pores lighter.

  • VLCC fruit facial kit

This product is best for the young people because it has the benefits of many fruits. It even has vitamin E which is very good for skin. It has 5 tubs that serve a different purpose and in end leaves your skin revitalized. This kit removes the dust, sebum, blackheads, and dirt from the skin.