The 1000 Calorie Diet Plan For Woman

Diet Plan

In today’s society, body shape and size is considered to be a way of appearing as a perfect being. And perfection means good looks. So, the initial step to that is maintaining a perfect shape of the body.

Today almost everyone wants to lose weight but the busy routine and the delicious cuisines of restaurants have made it difficult for people to have a healthy and junk-free lifestyle.

So, here is a diet plan for women who wants to lose weight in a short span of time but does not have time to do enough workout. The key feature of this diet plan is that we should only intake 1000 calories a day. This 1000 calorie diet plan will engender energy storage of 500-1000 calories and will help to burn 8% of fat.

This plan is best suitable for people who weigh less than 165 pounds and have a good medical history. Others should consult a doctor before following it because diet plans vary from person to person. In fact, each diet plan depends on the factors like age, weight, medical history, bone health, genetics and much more.

So here are the various diet plans that will not exceed your intake of calories above 1000 per day.


Early morning (before 8 am)

Apple cider vinegar and warm water/ veggie smoothie [in this you can add carrot, cucumber, tomato, and spinach].

Breakfast (between 9-10am)

2 boiled eggs and a bowl of a fruits/1 bowl of oats/ 2 bread slices with peanut butter.

Pre-lunch snack (between 11:30am to 12pm)

100 g of low fat yogurt/2 digestive biscuits/ 1 glass of watermelon or kiwi juice.

Lunch (between 1:30 to 2 pm)

1 chapatti with a green vegetable.

Post lunch (at 4 pm)

1 low-calorie fruit like pear, orange.

Evening snack (6 pm)

Green tea and 2 digestive biscuits.

Dinner (before 8pm)

Salad and vegetable.


Early morning (before 8 am)

Add 1 spoon lemon water in warm water.

Breakfast (between 9 am to 10 am)

Oats with strawberries/ upma/1 cup of milk with 1 multi-grained bread/ 1 healthy low calories sandwich.

Pre-lunch snack (between 11:30 am to 12 pm)

Green tea or 1 fruit.

Lunch (between 1:30 pm to 2 pm)

Cabbage soup and 100g low-fat yogurt/1 chapatti with 1 bowl of green vegetable.

Post lunch (at 4 pm)

1 peach and 1 orange/ 1 cup of tea with 2 salted biscuits.

Evening snack (at 6 pm)

2 pieces of dhokla/ 1 fruit [prefer eating watermelon].

Dinner(before 8 pm)

1 bowl of vegetable and salad/ 1 bowl of boiled lentils with stir-fried french beans, peas, and capsicum with a sprint of chopped garlic.

Instead of these variations, you can even eat any low-calorie food that has less sugar, carbohydrates and fat.


  • Green tea is considered the best for weight loss because it has 0 calories and is good for both skin and digestive system.
  • Intake food that is rich in vitamin B, proteins and fibers
  • Make a combination of foods that will help you to attain your desired goals
  • say no to junk and alcohol
  • Avoid dry fruits like apricots, dates, cranberries and more
  • Say no to fruits like mango, litchi, avocado, corn etc

The best part of following this diet chart is that no stiff exercise is required if you really want to work out then only do a little walk. People have followed this plan and have got the desired result so don’t wait just to build up your routine.

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