Before Going to a Salon: 3 Things No One Ever Tells You About Going Blonde

Going Blonde

Blondes have more successful careers, men perceive them as more attractive, and even as waitresses they get more tips. Considering these facts supported by studies, going blonde makes perfect sense. Not only is this a change that can boost your mood but it also seems to have the potential to improve your quality of life.

However, before you run to your salon and douse yourself in bleach, you need to consider the following things. Going blonde is not as easy as it sounds because this change extends to more than your hair colour. Also, this step isnít for those who are too busy to bother with long grooming rituals.

1.†Going blonde is never cheap

If you are on a tight budget and there are no prospects for a major change in your future, going blonde might be out of your reach for now. The problem isnít the initial treatment for which you might save up in a few months. But colour maintenance as well as some other changes youíll need to invest in require a lot of money.

First of all, youíll need to purchase salon-grade shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair as well as a hair mask, which is necessary to restore the damage dealt by bleaching. These are the products youíll need to use all the time as long as you are blonde, so theyíll boost your regular spending.

You will also need to get your roots treated and, depending on the shade of blonde you choose, your hair tinted every 6-8 weeks. At the same time, youíll need to get a trim because bleach is damaging and regular trims are a must to keep your hair healthy.

In addition to these running expenses of blonde hair colour maintenance you might need to invest in new makeup and some outfits to match your new colouring. Overall, going blonde can cost you well over a thousand, and about as much yearly in maintenance.

2.†Blonde hair might not make you look your best

While blondes are generally perceived as more attractive, at least at first glance, itís a hair colour thatís rather hard to pull off. And if you make a mistake choosing your shade, you will end up looking sickly instead of gorgeous. Therefore, by the time your stylist takes you to that place where colour magic happens, you need to be 100% sure in the exact shade of blonde you are going to become. Your complexion is the deciding factor for this choice.

Youíll need to think on the available choices very carefully when you contemplate your colouring type and what best matches it. Bear in mind that you might need to abandon your dreams of going strawberry or platinum blonde because the colour is a poor fit for you. No makeup will help you fix the issues that will occur if you decide to go with a badly chosen shade of blonde.

3. Blondes spend more time on grooming (and money too)

When you are a blonde, you need to look perfect at all times. Thatís why blondes statistically take more time to get ready. Therefore, if you canít fit an extended grooming routine into your daily schedule, you might want to reconsider this change.

Never forget that when you are a blonde, even the slightest imperfection will become glaringly noticeable. Therefore, not only will you need more time to groom every day, you will also need to invest in top-quality makeup and skincare products as well as make sure your outfit is spotless and perfect at all times. Yes, this also includes the evening after a crazy day at work.

Considering this, it makes more sense why blondes are believed to be more successful and attractive. They have to work harder to simply go out every day. Itís no surprise that they might take this dedication and hard-working attitude and apply it to other areas of life.

One thing is for sure, going blonde isnít a step to be taken lightly. Think about this a while and consider your budget as well as plans for the future. Finally, talk to your hairstylist and prepare to see them more often because doing at-home bleaching can ruin your hair fast. Therefore, youíll be visiting the salon regularly to maintain your new look.

Image credit: Going Blonde via YuriyZhuravov/Shutterstock