Ayur Herbal Aloe Vera Astringent Review

Aloe Vera

All the people who are fond of makeup might have good knowledge about this wonderful product-astringent. Every woman would have heard about this product at least once in her life. The astringent that is loved by almost everyone is the ayur herbal aloe vera astringent.

We have reached up to the time where money is given a lot of importance as a result many businessman have started using chemicals in the products they manufacture. These chemicals give effective results but even cause long-term harm to you. So in today’s world the products manufactured by using natural ingredients are considered best because they are both economical and effective. Natural ingredients means the ingredients extracted from herbs, plants and trees.


From the term herbal in the name of product mentioned above, it is very clear that the ingredients used in production of this product are natural and clean or more precisely saying ‘Ayurveda’. Ayur is known to almost everyone because of the use of natural ingredients in its products and pocket friendly costs.

Everyone who has used this product has shifted his/her preference from cleaner to astringent because they found it more effective in removing the dirt particles and oil from skin. This can be used on legs, arms, neck and face.

There are many people who have oily skin and with the help of this product they have been able to prevent their skin from acne and moreover it has given them a cool and refreshing sensation. The scent of this product has made people to love it even more. People with all the skin types be it acre-prone skin, oily skin and problematic skin have the liberty to use it because it has many benefits.


  • Removes dirt
  • Shrinks or tightens body tissues
  • Maintains pH balance of skin
  • Fight off bacterial and fungal infections
  • Helps in keeping your skin fresh and amazing
  • Reduces the healing time of sores
  • Cool down inflammation
  • reduces natural oils in skin
  • can be used to clean face before make up
  • During skin treatment you can use it after cleaning but before moisturizing
  • Absolutely delight


  • Inexpensive
  • easily available
  • Good quantity
  • natural
  • Minty cool smell
  • Travel friendly packaging’
  • Contains tulsi, aloe vera, mint and camphor

The best part about this product is that it has many benefits in the most economical cost-75rs for 200ml.

Nobody has ever felt any con in this product. The only things you need to take care of is that use it once a day, avoid it if you have excessive dry skin and be gentle when you apply it. You can use it by taking a clean cotton ball and putting the astringent on it. After this, clean your skin gently.

This product is best for those people who don’t like to use face wash or soaps because astringent serves the purpose of these products along with many more benefits. Everyone should try this product at least once in their life.