4 Tips on Making Your Eyes Pop for a Special Party


If you want to look stunning, you definitely need to learn how to make your eyes pop. Itís essential to use subtle tricks so your makeup doesnít look like itís layered like a cake on your beautiful face. Use top-quality tools, eyeliner, and some fake lashes to create a look that will draw admiring glances right to you.

How to Make Your Eyes Pop: 4 Beauty Tricks for Perfect Eye Makeup

1.†††† Layer that eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is the best tool for defining and Ďopeningí your eyes. However, itís also very difficult to apply and if you mess up with it even a little bit, the effect will be ruined.

If you arenít a professional makeup artist, you can make liquid eyeliner look perfect if you layer it over a line drawn by an eyeliner pencil. Youíll be able to wipe it off and redraw the line with a pencil easily. So you can make it to the exact shape you want and then apply liquid eyeliner right over it with light controlled strokes.

2.†††† Use some fake lashes

Using fake lashes is one of the most effective ways to make your eyes pop. This will prevent the need to layer mascara, which might run or crumble after a few hours and ruin your look. Fake lashes, on the other hand, can make your eyes look big and gorgeous for as long as you need.

Bear in mind that itís essential to use only high-grade fake lashes and adhesive. By not choosing the supplies well you ruin a risk of living through a horror story like the one told in Daily Mail where the girlís natural lashes fell out after bad eyelash extensions applied in a salon.

If you plan to apply lashes yourself, study a few tutorial videos, like this one, and get top-quality materials. As these things can be quite expensive, you should consider looking to buy wholesale makeup supplies. This will allow you to get a perfect balance between price and quality.

3.†††† Choose the right eyeshadow colours

If you want to make your eyes pop, you need to choose makeup colours that will help you do this without too much effort. Bet on contrast here, which means choosing an eyeshadow colours that are opposite to your eye colour.

For example, a blue-eyed girl will look most stunning with bronze eyeshadows. Someone with hazel eyes will look their best with purple and taupe makeup. Use a rich colour to make your gaze seem more intense. Go bold with the darkest shades of the contrasting colours for your evening makeup, especially if you plan to wear an elegant dress and want to go for a Ďfemme fataleí look.

4.†††† Use highlighter to enhance the look

To make your eyes pop youíll need to apply a few drops of highlighter to the inner corner of your eye (around tear duct) and right under the eyebrow. Use a water-resistant liquid product for the ear duct area as your makeup runs the risk of running here.

Apply another drop under the crease of the eyebrow. This will not only help to make your eyes pop but also define the shape of your eyebrows.

Note that if you need to use a concealer under the eyes, you should choose a type that will not only cover dark circles but also brighten the skin. Highlighter might be too much for that area, but a specialized brightening cover should be good.

Making your eyes pop isnít very complicated. But to perfect any makeup, youíll need to practice for a few times. Be sure to do this when you have a lot of time as you might be washing and reapplying quite a lot.