Ways To Be More Romantic With Your Partner

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Romance and passion are the mainstays of any relationship, consistently being able to deliver on that is what keeps a relationship strong and moving forward into the future. Of course, romance doesnít always come easy. Being able to show your partner that you care about them on a level that goes far beyond superficiality or low effort gestures is a massive part of building a relationship that lasts. Not all of us were born with the natural instincts typical of Casanova.

If you think you need to inject some romance back into your life or just want to show your significant other that you care, these tips can go a long way:

1.   Show How Much You Listen

Part of the satisfaction of any relationship is having someone that legitimately cares about the things you say and what you like and donít like. Over time, youíve probably gotten a pretty good idea as to what your partner thinks is a fantastic idea and what needs to be avoided. Surprise them one day with something simple like their favorite food or drink, bonus points if it is something relatively difficult to find. Also, if you know your partner doesnít like laundry or doing the dishes, consider picking up the slack for them a few times so they can focus on things they actually enjoy doing. The main point Iím making here is that you should demonstrate with actions all of the intricate details about them that youíve picked up over the course of your relationship.

2.   Reignite The Courtship Process

Often couples stop doing a lot of the things they once did together in the earlier stages of dating once they become comfortable with one another. It is all too easy to think that after a certain moment in time, youíve won them over and donít need to go all out like you used to. Remind your partner that you still see them as someone you want to win over no matter how strong your relationship is at this moment in time. That means a good date night or an unexpected gift of flowers. Try and put yourself back in the mindset you had when things werenít as set in stone, what kind of actions swept them off their feet? Keeping the spark alive means making sure thereís everything necessary in the fire pit for that to happen, donít slack just because your relationship is established.

3.   Share New Experiences

Another aspect of a relationship is being able to appreciate new experiences with your partner at your side. Try a new hobby, make something together, do whatever you can thatís new for the both of you. Thereís an untold amount of opportunity for new laughs and memories to be built by finding something to do thatís fresh for the both of you. Both of you will remember how the other reacts in certain situations and hopefully youíll both start to remember why you both fell for each other in the first place. These new experiences can even be on the raunchier side of things, too. Stir up your sex life by trying out some sex toys, DoctorClimax.com is a great starting resource for those interested. The main goal here is sharing new and fulfilling times together, it helps you appreciate having that person around by putting yourself out of your comfort zone now and again.

4.   Make Your Partner Feel Irresistible

The last thing anyone wants to feel in a relationship is replaceable. Anything you can do to show your partner that you appreciate having them specifically in your life is the name of the game here. Compliment your partner in ways theyíve never been complimented before. It might not sound romantic to compliment them on say, their time management skills or how easily they can hang a painting, but the point is that youíve gone past the low-hanging fruit they probably get complimented all the time about by instead focusing on deeper, more meaningful appreciation.


If youíve been reading between the lines, the underlying theme to all of these points is that you need to be showing your partner how much they mean to you and how much youíve invested yourself in the relationship. Itís about bringing that love and adoration you feel inside into the real world with your words and your actions. The more you show your partner how grateful you are to have them in your life, the better the romance you two share will be.