10 Perfect California Date Ideas Perfect for Any Couple

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The great thing about California is that there are a plethora of places for people to go on dates and get to know one another. It is a huge state, and the west coast offers some entertaining places to sit down – or stand up – and have a great time on a date with someone.

1. Coffee And Cute Cozy Pets

A ton of people have pets, and many of them are interested in adopting more pets. A great way to impress an animal lover on a date is with a date at an animal cafe. This is going to be a very interesting experience that allows couples of connect with pets in places like the Cat Cafe Lounge. There is also a Dog Cafe for dog lovers. People can mingle and chill with coffee and snacks in this area.

2. Spill The Wine and Take That Girl

There are a plethora of vineyards on the west coast, and California is gold when it comes to dates for wine tasting. The Gneknow Family Winery is one of those well-known wineries where couples can taste some wines and historic grapes that become a part of the award winning Gneknow Family of wines. It’s open 7 days a week so that makes it a perfect date any time.

3. The Great Escape

Taking a woman to a movie is something that you can do anywhere. Taking a date to an Escape Room in California is a novelty that you won’t regret. There are multiple escape rooms throughout the state, and there is never a dull moment. This is a great bonding experience for couples to participate in. Rooms like Evil Genius Escape and the Stash House can be great escape dating options.

4. A Park With Pedal Boat

Getting outdoors to a park for a picnic is nice. Getting in a boat at a park where you can pedal with one another is even better. This is an activity that couples can do. It is not just another an ordinary date. It is a chance for a couple to view some beautiful scenery while they are cruising on the water at their own pace. People in Los Angeles have access to the Echo Park for pedal boat rides, but this is just one of many across the state.

5. Laughter is The Best Medicine

Comedy is a big deal in California. There are a lot of comedians that are part of the up and coming comedy circuit in this state. That makes it a perfect location for those that are interested in having a quick laugh or two. It makes sense to look at these comedy clubs as a viable dating option because it is a great late night addition to a dinner date. Skip the movies and get your laughs in as you sit in as part of an audience with a live comedian.

6. Arcade / Game Center

It may not jump out at you as the first option for a date, but a gaming center is also place that can bring a lot of smiles to the faces of couples. Men and women can have an interesting evening of competing against one another in video games, pinball machines and basketball shoot out games. It is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and show your competitive spirit. Places in California like the McFadden Public Market provide arcade rooms along with vintage bar settings. This makes it easier to migrate from one room to another for a drink after the games are over.

7. Rock Climbing

An indoor rock climbing environment can also make for a very interesting date in California. This influx of fitness center naturally inspires a lot of the fitness styled rock climbing spots. A rock climbing experience can also be part of a competitive dating experience that becomes quite a memorable date.

8. Beach Bums For A Day

California is naturally a state that is going to invoke imagines of beach life. It is hard to bypass such a convenient and pleasurable day in the sun as a dating option if you live in California. It is all part of the dating experience for those that live on the west coast.

9. Ice Ice Baby

Ice cream shops are unorthodox. These spots are going to catch your date off guard. They are not going to expecting this, and that is why you need to do it. There are tons of ice cream shops that have some over the top sweet and cold treats. Your date may not have given thought to this option, but the smile that they get with the delectable treat is going to make them remember you and this date. The California-based Handcrafted Cream Nation ice cream treats is just one of many spots that provide these types of treats.

10. Save The Last Dance

When you are feeling confident enough to show off your dance moves you can take your date right to the dance floor. Salsa dancing is a great way to get close and feel the California vibes.