Why Translation is Important for Your Business Website?


World has become a global village and pace of the life is very fast. Fast pace of life has given birth to E-commerce. To save the time in this fast paced life People want to shop online. This has created the need of E-commerce business. In order to survive in this global village and competitive market it is necessary to adapt the culture and language of the market to whom you want to enter. Although English is an international language but English Websites are used by only one third of the customer base. Two third of potential customers can be reached by translating your business in their native language. Translating your business in their native language boost your sales

Revenue grows with website translation.

According to the research economic potential for online communication is $45 trillion. Solid strategy is required for website translation. To stay competitive in global business it is suggested to translate your website in minimum 14 languages but to cater 95% of the potential customer base it is suggested to translate your website in 20 languages. Many business add more languages into their translation strategy.

Translated content increase buyer confidence

To attract the potential customer base, it is necessary to portray your product and all its details in customer’s native language.Research showed that 71 % of people buy products after reading customers reviews about the product. And 63% of people purchases product from website which has positive ratings and reviews. It is obvious that rating and reviews of the product will be in same language in which your website is

Better Image and online Reach

For a foreign website store it is very difficult to convert visitor to customer. Good images, content and videos can help you in attracting wider audience.

Translation can be competitive advantage

We are surrounded by Competitors, in order to stand among competitors, you should listen to your customer and make it easier for them to contact your company through by phone, email, and social media by user friendly and in native language website.

Reaching your Customers at Their Level

According to the research, 52 of the customers say that information in their native language is more important than price of the product. Translating the language of the website is as important as the understandable content. You need to hire copywriter and designer to cater the target audience from local market.

Bad translations have destroyed many entry ventures. For example when KFC target China market in 1980. They used the same slogan which they used in US.

Finger-licking good which in Chinese means Eat your finger off. It was very awkward and didn’t compel and attract people to visit KFC.

Dialect of the language should be according to target market.For Example English spoken in Spain is different from English spoken in US. When the customer is dealt with his own dialect of the language, this enhances trust and rapport with the brand.

Publicize it

Translating your website in other language does not guarantee the results which are needed. You should publicize it. Publishing will get publicity for your business.

Increase Internet Traffic

If you translate your website in Spanish. Your internet traffic on website will increase. For example people who speak Spanish will use search engine that is Google.

Post-Sale Complaints

If the website is in customer’s native language, Customers can easily make post sale complaints without any hesitation.In this way customers remain engaged with you and will be happy from your services.

Website for Global users

Google Analytics is used to analyze language traffic on your website. It shows how many times specific language tab is used. This data shows which language should be used to meet our customers demand and preferences.

Access to Target Market

Research showed that 75% of consumers purchase goods from your website, if website is translated in their native language. To get into global and local market communication with right audience is very important.If people were unable to understand your business they will not trust your brand so the website should be translated in a language which target market understands.

First Impression is the Last Impression

It is true in the case of websites that first impression is the last impression. Translating the website in native language increases reliability and credibility.

Brand presentation in Professional way

Translation plug in of browser sometimes open a door for mistranslation resulting into frustrated customers. Research showed 52.4% of consumers will only purchase if website is translated in their language and for 56.2% of consumers having information in their language is more important than price.

Website translation and localization

To gain the trust of potential customers, website just not need to be translated word by word but it needs to be translated and localized according to the culture and norms of the society.


Many companies are of the view that if they get into translation process, it will increase the administrative cost but it is other way round if you translate your content you can reach your target market in no time. While translating cultural and regional aspects should be considered. Otherwise some legal complication can occur which will not help expand business globally.

BRIC countries like Brazil Russia India and China are emerging economies of the world. If these emerging economies are targeted well in their native language your business will boost internationally.

Image credit: Translation via cybrain/Shutterstock